Yearly Obligatory Thanksgiving Post

Somehow I can’t get through Thanksgiving without a good old fashioned writing exercise of what I am thankful for. I guess in many ways, that is the point to the holiday, right? So, for the sake of being cliche and obvious, here it is. 🙂

I am thankful to be exactly where I am in the universe.
For the pea-green house that welcomes me with heat and running water.
For the way the light hits the windows in the morning and the way the dogs search for the sun spots to roll around in. For wagging tails and cuddles at any given moment. For the way paws smell.
For that handsome man who rubs my shoulders, makes me coffee, pays for dinner, and endlessly shows me that love is an action word. Who folds my laundry way better than I do and always genuinely seems interested in how my day was. Who always lets me know I am on his mind and has redefined words like loyal, affectionate, trustworthy. Who makes me smile even when I am sleeping. Who I get to spend my life with.
For a crazy family with differences unmeasurable, but love strung throughout each interaction. For sisters who have perfected what the word awesome means and parents who can find humor in anything.
For extended family that still shows up and always will.
For macaroni and cheese that I never eat, but always savor when I do. For pickled beets, Mexican food slathered in sour cream and guacamole, for an evening spent in the kitchen, for a glass of wine. For a city that constantly surprises me with amazing things, people, and food. For a good dirty martini. For bountiful tables full of friends and family. For a good loaf of bread. For organic fruits and vegetables. For Este pizza. For nutmeg.
For friends who send messages just to say hi. For high school buddies, college and grad school friends who always want to talk about the importance and expense of education, and girlfriends who can always bond on a couch over a cocktail. For those in my life who will be here 15 years from now.
For givers, for supporters, for co-workers, for a career that gives me warm fuzzies on a regular basis. For being a part of an organization that brings people together to make a difference. For being able to write. For being able to share ideas and be heard. For wine at staff meetings.
For summer, green grass, fall leaves, and winter snow storms. For mountains to play in. For all of the beautiful scenery that this home gives me.
For decaf coffee, for chap stick, for warm tights and boots, for healthy gums.
For music that fills me up, for poetry, for books that make me wonder. For art, for old photos, for scented candles.
For everything that makes me remember life is a sensory experience. For love.

I hope you all have an wonderful Thanksgiving day with family and friends!

And remember:


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