Taqueria 27 and Coffee Bar | Inventive Cocktails and Tacos in Salt Lake City

One of our “last meals” before my 2 months of cleansing was at the new Taqueria 27 up on Foothill Blvd. I had heard great things about this new culinary addition to SLC and was excited to try it out for myself. We didn’t have a chance to check out the Coffee Bar side, but the restaurant was pretty great.

We drove to Taqueria 27 on a very snowy night and were warmly greeted by an employee who led us to a nice warm table. The vibe of Taqueria 27 is pretty mellow and modern. The mix of wood and metal is inviting as well as interesting. We were promptly greeted by our server who spent a good amount of time at our table throughout the evening, making suggestions and making sure we were happy. Since we knew this was going to be one of our last meals of 2012, we decided to go all out.

Taqueria 27 offers a good variety of cocktails and margaritas. We started with the signature T27 Margarita (lunazul bianco tequila mixed with blood orange, fresh citrus, and agave nectar $6.50). There is nothing worse than “margarita mix,” so it was super nice to see that all of T27’s drinks were fresh. This margarita was super delicious with a good kick. It is a margarita you could drink all night – not too sour, not too sweet. I didn’t have one ounce of heartburn!


Next up was a cocktail I really appreciated – the Sangrita (fresh tomato and citrus juices with selected premium tequilas. Sip and savor or mix as you like! $3.00 + tequila). This was great because everything was served separate. You could choose to mix and mingle your juices, or drink the tequila on the rocks and add juice as needed. I dug it – very inventive!


We ordered two different house-made guacamole dishes. The Tomatillo (cotija, pumpkin seeds, habanero, oregano) and the Traditional (jalapeno, tomato, onion, cilantro, lime). Half orders run you $5.69, which is a steal seeing that many Mexican restaurants charge up to $5 or $6 for just a SIDE of guacamole. The chips are freshly made as well, so it makes for a great appetizer and at a low cost. Both were great tasting, fresh, and filling. You can also choose from other concoctions such as Mango, Citrus, Roasted, and a special guacamole of the day.



The one thing that I didn’t love about T27 was how you have to order your tacos. They have so many great selections, and we wanted to try most of them. However, you have to order your tacos in 2s, and those 2 tacos have to be the same. For example, I really wanted to try a Duck Confit AND a Carne taco, but I had to order two – you can’t just order one of each. So, I went with the Duck Confit. This was kind of a bummer because two tacos is about all I need. Russ ordered 4, but only got 2 different kinds. I would really love to be able to mix and match these a bit more.   However, the Duck Confit tacos (slow cooked and shredded, fire roasted veggies, leeks, and chipotle cream $6.29 for 2) were delicious. I ate two of those with no problem. They were sweet and savory and had a slight heat to them. The duck was awesome – filled with flavor and not chewy. Russ ordered the Achiote Marinated Chicken (grilled with shredded lettuce, salsa crudo, chipotle crema, avocado, and queso fresco $5.69 for 2) and the Carne (flame seared chile rubbed beef, radish, nopalitos, avocado, chimichurri $6.29 for 2). Both were delightful, but we preferred the overall flavor of the chicken tacos. The tacos at Taqueria 27 were excellent and fast. They price point is also awesome. You can really order quite a large dinner and not spend too much green. A word of advice? Go with a group so you can all share tacos to try different selections.




And certainly, we had to order dessert. Right? The desserts were WONDERFUL. We ordered the T27 Donuts (dusted with Mexican chocolate sugar $4.99) and the Chocolate Tres Leches cake ($4.99). Oh. My. These were both so delicious! The donuts were more like a churro, but the most excellent, fresh, warm churro you have ever had. Crispy on the outside and warm and fluffy on the inside. The Leches cake was lovely also- filled with sweet milk and chocolate. These desserts were a perfect way to finish off our meal at T27.



Overall, I would definitely recommend T27 as a great eating establishment. Especially for a quick, but delicious lunch. They have great lunch and dinner specials daily.
Check these guys out and support local!!

Find Taqueria 27 at 1615 S Foothill Dr
Find them HERE on Facebook
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  1. I haven’t been back to this place since just after they opened – dying to take Devon there and check out their breakfast/brunch options too! The day I was there with my friend, Jenn, they were serving a watermelon + mint guacamole – sounds bizarre, and usually I’m not all that fond of mint [or even watermelon unless it’s perfectly in season] but it was so delicious! I’ve been craving it like crazy during all this winter weather. I too had the T27 Margarita and duck confit tacos – mine were really good, but the lemongrass stalk was a little tough and stringy. Delicious anyway though! The sangrita sounds amazing! Did you and Russ try any sides or subsist off the guacamole? Jenn and I both ordered the black beans which were a good bit undercooked, but I’m betting that was one of those new restaurant hiccups. Great review! Those desserts sound fantastic.

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