Two Weeks are UP!

Yesterday officially ended my two week full-body cleanse. Like I said before, this was the first time I have ever done a cleanse with the help of supplements and not just trying to cleanse with different types of food. It was a lot of pills to take – about 12 a day, but in the long run, I really feel like the cleanse helped in multiple ways (and I actually got better and swallowing gigantic pills, which I vehemently hate)!

After about 3 days, I started feeling very alert and awake. I wasn’t getting those 3:00 blues–I had a lot of energy throughout the day. I also felt super sharp as though my brain had shed a few layers of skin. 😉 Now, after two weeks, my body really feels healthy and toxin free. I really feel like moving, working out, and being active.

I am not sure how much the cleanse itself contributed to my 11 lb weight loss over 14 days, but I am sure it didn’t hurt. When I cut carbs, sugar, and alcohol, I usually lose about 8 – 10 lbs in the first two weeks. I think all of these things combined really got my body back to functioning at a high rate.

Last night, I decided to go to Zumba for the first time since the holiday break. The cleanse advises you to not do any intense working out while taking the supplements, but I was too antsy. I FELT GREAT during the workout. I had tons of energy and felt better than I had in a long time during and post workout. However, the morning after I woke up with a headache and body aches, and I think that may have something to do with the intense workout while cleansing. I am sure you lose some vitamins and minerals while shedding all of those toxins–so I perhaps should have waited a day or two to sweat so much. 😉

Overall, I would recommend this cleanse – it really did make a noticeable difference in how I feel. However, I would warn that you really should be super strict with your diet and alcohol intake while on it. I believe that this cleanse was gentle for me due to my diet while on it. I would not have wanted to see what the results would have been with a high sugar or fat diet. It really does move things along, if you know what I mean. haha.

With 11 lbs lost, I am super motivated to continue my no carbs, sugar, alcohol diet and see where I am at the end of February. Yesterday my wedding gown arrived and it is AMAZING! It fits like a glove, but will only fit better with a few more lbs gone.

Here is what the past few weeks have looked like on my plate!

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More updates soon! Send me all your favorite carb-free recipes!



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