Birthday Noshing Update!

Happy birthday to me! Today marks year 33. What the hell? How did that happen?

Anyway, I know some of you have been asking about an update on my New Year’s Noshing Resolutions. So, here is the scoop!

Alcohol – I didn’t have one sip of alcohol until I had a birthday dinner with my friends on Feb 15th. It was a little earlier than I had anticipated, but going 7 weeks (46) days without it was awesome. After about two weeks or so, I kind of forgot about it and life went on as usual. Meeting friends for coffee can be just as good as meeting for a drink.

Ferrari Wine Tasting

No Carbs – I have had NO flour-based products of any kind since December 31st. The only carbs I have ingested are in the form of fruit (which I didn’t have for about 3 weeks). Not a piece of bread, not an inkling of pasta. YES!

Fresh Bread and Mozzarella

No Sugar – Same goes for sugar. Not one cookie, cake, ice cream, or treat with sugar. I tried to avoid sugar substitutes as much as possible, but the sugar-free jello and pudding kind of save my life (sugar-free chocolate pudding with fruit is THE best dessert). The only little bit of real sugar I have had is from a piece or two of dark chocolate over two months. BUT TODAY, I had a cupcake from Cupcakes by Kasthuri – a low-sugar cupcake alternative and it was AMAZING! Be on the lookout for a review….


Workout – I started Kettlebell training with Alice Lopez at Fitness on 7th, which is kicking my ass, but is quite awesome. She is great and I have a lot of fun in the classes. (I actually asked Russ for Kettlebells for my birthday. Who am I?) Zumba is great for cardio, but kicking it up a notch has definitely helped. I have been attending Saturday workshops and have recently started Wednesday night classes as well. I feel pumped, honestly. I can also see changes in my body that didn’t come with cardio alone. YES!


Weight – I have lost about 14 pounds since January 1st. I tend to stay around this weight and have to REALLY push myself to get below where I currently am. If I meet my goal (10 more lbs!), I will be thinner than I have been since I was about 17 (of course, without the youthful tightness that came with it…haha). But the real awesome part is how great I feel. My diet really fuels my life and adding in some hard core workouts has taken things to another level. Another great part is when people start noticing and commenting. Yeah, that whole attention thing. There are few things better than hearing “you’re looking skinny.” No really. Few.

That doesn’t mean I don’t really want some pizza. And since today is my birthday, I will be enjoying a slice or two from Este – my fave.

Questions? Email me or leave them in the comments!

And, because ya’ll are photo freaks, here is an awesome one of myself on the elevator – spectacular face included! 3 pants sizes down since Jan 1 – and those hips are getting smaller by the day. HELL YES. Have I mentioned I have basically been sore for six weeks? Thanks, Alice.


I am such a huge dork.


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