SmooThe SLCI am really excited to announce that Salt Lake City now has a super awesome, healthy, vegan, raw smoothie delivery service! That’s right – delivery. Over the past few weeks, I have gotten to know Nate Guggia, the brains behind SmooTHe SLC, and found that his passion for healthy living and educating those around him about the benefits of eating clean and vegan, is what drives not only his business–but his entire life. While I am not vegan, and don’t have any immediate plans for becoming so, I have always appreciated the vegan lifestyle and choose to eat clean and organic as much as possible. The great thing about Nate’s smoothies is that you don’t have to be vegan to enjoy them. Nate delivered 3 smoothies to my office and my coworker, Sarah, and I loved each one of them!

But instead of hearing from me why I think SmooTHe SLC has a lot to offer, I thought you could hear from Nate himself. I asked Nate to answer some questions about SmooTHe SLC and here are his answers!

  • Why are you so passionate about smoothies?

When I first became vegan, I was introduced to “green smoothies.”  I had one recipe that I used every day for a few years.  As I began to evolve both my education and culinary skills, I began creating some really great, exotic smoothies.  It didn’t take long for the people around me (family, friends, co-workers) to take notice and the next thing I knew I was educating a lot of people on smoothies, food combinations, recipes, and overall health and wellness.  To me, making a smoothie that can pack as much nutritional punch as possible, while making it taste good, is a creative talent.  It’s more than just throwing some frozen fruit in a blender.  It takes truly knowing food; what foods can combine to maximize nutrition and digestion, what foods taste good blended and what ones don’t, what liquids to use, how to avoid food allergies, etc.  I guess I’ve found a talent that I’ve always taken for granted.

  • How do smoothies specifically enhance your health?

They are the one way to pack a ton of nutrients into one drink.  And unlike prepackaged drinks like Odwalla or even Jamba Juice, a custom made smoothie is made with intentional ingredients designed specifically for a persons taste preferences, dietary habits, and overall health and wellness goals.

  • What do you think is the most surprising thing that people find about incorporating healthy smoothies into their diet?

That something that looks like pea soup or baby food can taste so amazingly good.  It’s awesome to watch the expression of people’s faces once they try them.  Total satisfaction!

  • What are the price options? Something like this seems expensive.

I charge $5 per smoothie.  I offer daily delivery where a client can choose any number of days per week (ex.  smoothies on Mon and Fri mornings), weekly, and monthly.  I give a 10% discount on weekly plans and 20% on monthly plans.

  • When ordering smoothies, do you have a specific list, or can special requests be made?

I don’t believe in customers choosing from a list.  First off, that takes away the personal relationship.  Second, these are custom designed.  Most people don’t know what combinations taste food.  For instance, I don’t think that strawberry and greens taste good together.  But on paper, that looks like a good combo.  Also, when looking at someone’s lifestyle, a lot has to be taken in to account.  Someone that is new to smoothies can’t just jump in to a veggie loaded drink.  Their system would totally react negatively.  This all comes from experience.

Every customer would have a short consultation to discuss options.  Then a plan is formulated from there.  And continual communication will most likely take place along the way.  This is all about personal service.

  • What do you recommend as your most health benefiting ingredients?

Red, orange, or yellow bell pepper.  These pack loads of potassium, Vit C (250% of the RDA), fiber, Vit. A (75% of the RDA) and taste sweet.  Plus one large bell pepper has only 50 calories!  They have become my secret ingredient.  Well, up til now! 🙂

  • Can you deliver at any time of day?

All deliveries will be made in the morning between 6 – 10 a.m. unless special arrangements are made (which have to be discussed before approval).


As you can see, Nate is excited and ready to make you the best smoothie of your life. I can personally vouch for their fresh, high-quality, health enhancing benefits. Each smoothie that Nate delivered was amazingly fresh and delicious – even the pea soup looking one. 🙂 There is even a smoothie that incorporates coffee for your java lovers out there!!

Want to try a smoothie for your self? We will be drawing one local winner from anyone who comments on this blog for a free smoothy delivery! So, leave a comment with your name and email address and we will pick a winner next week!

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  1. I am very interested in this service being offered! I have tried making green smoothies and use the same receipe everyday. A change would be awesome!

  2. SmooTHe SLC is such an ingenious idea! My husband and I switched to a plant-based diet about a year ago, and it has been one of the best decisions I’ve made. Smoothies are definitely a great way to pack a lot of nutrients into a quick meal, and they’re tasty!

  3. I am a believer in the green smoothie after drinking a cold/flu green smoothie concoction this season when I wasn’t feeling well. By the end of that day, many of my symptoms went away. I would love to try what smooTHe SLC has to offer. 🙂

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