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After two months being totally sugar-less, I was super excited when Kasthuri from Cupcakes by Kasthuri reached out to me on Facebook about her “low-sugar” cupcakes! Low-sugar cupcakes? These exist? It sounded like a miracle. After emailing back and forth for a few days, Kasthuri told me she would bring me some cupcakes to try for my upcoming birthday (and the drop dead date of my very rigid diet). Let me tell you, I was psyched.

The day of my birthday, Kasthuri dropped off 12 cupcakes to my office. Seeing those delightful, colorful, delicious looking cupcakes made me so excited. But, would I feel like a guilt-ridden sugar monger when I was done eating one? Would I hate myself?


Being the generous person that I am, I decided to share the cupcakes with friends and co-workers. We sat around a table taking sample bites of each flavor: Double Chocolate fleur de sel laced with vanilla bean, Spiced Chai, Chocolate Raspberry and Key Lime – all made from scratch. What surprised me the most about the cupcakes was how incredibly light and fluffy they were. These cupcakes were very different from the heavy, sugar laden cupcakes you get from some of the local bakeries. They were moist, but not heavy. The frosting was full of flavor, but light on the tongue. I decidedly did not hate myself for eating these cupcakes! 🙂 Overall, the favorite of the cupcake group was the Key Lime. The frosting on this cupcake was unreal – zesty, zingy, and delicious. The key lime frosting, like the rest of the frosting on the other cakes, was not overpowering, chalking, or waxy. It was luscious and silky.


Cupcakes by Kasthuri are different. They are made in small batches and with only the best ingredients: organic, cage-free eggs, pasture-raised organic sweet cream butter, and pasture-raised organic milk. These things make a difference, and you can taste it. They have about 35% less sugar than a regular cupcake and all flavorings and fruit are natural: freshly zested, squeezed, pureed, or ground by hand. Doesn’t that alone just make you want to bite into one of these tasty cakes?

Check out Cupcakes by Kasthuri at the upcoming Salt Lake City Winter Pop-Up Market on March 16th at the Hellenic Cultural Center!

Make sure to follow Cupcakes by Kasthuri on Facebook and Twitter – they are great for parties, weddings, birthdays, or any occasion. I want to give a HUGE thanks to Kasthuri for making my birthday this year extra special with these low-sugar desserts – they really were certainly a highlight!

“Double the flavour, less the sugar!” – Cupcakes by Kasthuri



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