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For the past year or so I have been feeling like getting rid of every piece of furniture/decor that we own and starting over. Some stuff I have had for years and still like – but the vibe feels all wrong to me sometimes. I recently rearranged our entire front of the house – and it helped. But it still didn’t give me that “clean slate” feeling. Why am I not the person who can just stumble into a thrift store and find that perfect piece to redo? When I do find a piece I would purchase, I am usually on vacation somewhere with no way to transport. Tell me, where are the good thrifty home decor shops in SLC? Honestly.

So, after categorizing all of the images in my head – I decided I really like the old stuff best. Not the new stuff that LOOKS old – the actual vintage stuff made from real wood with real history. And I am not talking like 20’s history, I am super feeling 1960 – 1970’s eclectic, strange, chic. Feel me? I just need to find a few perfect elements.

1a3016427a9a15f2e68bc473412ba8301960’s Vintage Pink Pillows? Yes please.


This table is wonderful, just needs a new paint job – but that lamp would stay EXACTLY how it is.


Yeah, I need this in my life. And my house.

Vintage bar? You will be mine.

My sleek, modern loving self is slowing slipping away the older that I get. Furniture that you have to put together seems somewhat unromantic at this point – and I am not sure why. Am I just growing up? Or is my old lady is coming out? I mean, really – look at those pink pillows? I seriously am in love with them. And they probably smell like moth balls.


This corner looks like a little slice of heaven to me. Check out that amazing dresser – I can’t even imagine how many people’s unmentionables have hung out around those parts. And that vintage wedding photo hanging above it? I don’t even care who those people are – I want that in my house.

I love everything about this except the fake flowers. But that table says “be mine” all over it.

Let’s face it. I am turning into Grandma Nelzic. If you know me, you will get that joke. That’s all for today, folks!


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