Eva’s Bakery & Boulangerie | On Vacation in Salt Lake City

So, here is what happened. I walked into Eva’s Bakery early on a Friday morning – and was immediately on vacation somewhere romantic, European, and fancy. No joke. This charming, delightful spot might be one of my new favorite spots in Salt Lake City. I missed the media opening a few months back, and upon entering this lovely, vintage feeling bakery–I began kicking myself for not canceling whatever it was I had going on that day so I could attend.

Eva's Bakery

I met a good friend of mine for a pre-work breakfast and was so amazed by how large Eva’s Bakery was inside and how vintage everything felt – from the tiled floors and walls, to the display cases of baked goods. Even before I ate or drank anything, I just wanted to HANG OUT in this beautiful place.

Eva's Bakery

Eva's Bakery

We ordered off their brunch menu: the Brunch Pie (ham, gruyere, easy eggs, bechamel sauce, and argula $9) and the Stuffed French Toast (lemon cream cheese filling and blueberry compote $8). Both were outstanding. Delicate and simple, yet rich and full of wonderful flavors. I am more of a savory girl when it comes to my breakfast, so the Brunch Pie was perfect for me – plus, I enjoy an egg on most things. However, I was super happy my friend ordered the French Toast, because it was the perfect bite of sweet. The drip coffee was also amazing. There was absolutely nothing to complain about.

Eva's Bakery Brunch Pie

Eva's Bakery French Toast

While we didn’t try an array of food at Eva’s Bakery & Boulangerie, I can say with certainty that everything they do must have precision and love behind it. You can feel it when you walk in. Next time, I am taking a book and spending the afternoon.

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Try Eva’s Bakery for yourself!
155 South Main Street | Downtown, Salt Lake City
Find them here on Facebook.
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  1. You ordered two of my favorite things I’ve had so far! Love the brunch pie, and like you said – the stuffed french toast could so easily verge on cloyingly sweet territory, but manages to maintain that perfect not-to-sweet richness anyway.

    I think I hit that spot three times in the first week they were open alone and have since tapered off – now I can’t wait for my next return visit.

    **You’ve got to try their tangerine bars [citrus desserts aren’t usually my thing, but theirs were amazing] and their sourdough loaves are great to take home too!

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