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The Emperor's TeaJason Woodland, that smiley guy on the right and co-owner of The Emperor’s Tea, has been a friend of mine for over ten years. As I have watched The Emperor’s Tea evolve into a local and internet tea sensation, I have grown more interested in what makes their teas different. A few weeks ago, Jason and his fiancé, Kate, had me over to talk about what makes their tea so unique and to have a little tasting party (I LOVE tasting parties!).

The story that accompanies The Emperor’s Tea is one that involves the complete marrying of science and nature. Ten years ago, founder M.C. Rivetti (pictured over there on the left and who is known to be nothing less than a genius) started working on a Cellular Rejuvenation System, an all-natural health supplement. While creating this revolutionary product, which is available on their website here, Rivetti also developed many other products which included some of the finest organic teas you can purchase.

The Emperor’s Tea is the DIRECT tea grower; their teas are grown on their own tea fields in Vietnam and shipped directly, allowing for ultimate freshness and quality. And, anytime that they have to supplement something, they always do it with the best local and fresh ingredients. The Emperor’s Tea never tests on animals, is all natural, and environmentally friendly. All of these elements combined end up producing teas that are more flavorful, balanced, and have more enhanced health benefits. For example, if you are drinking a different brand of sleepy time tea trying to catch more zzzz’s, or a green tea hoping it will assist in weight loss – the Emperor’s Teas are going to not only taste better, but their purity is going to enhance those health benefits further.

People, these ain’t no bagged Lipton teas! 🙂

Emperor's Tea Holy HibuscusMy favorite Emperor’s Tea so far has been the Holy Hibiscus. I am a lover of fruity teas, and this is a great one.This tangy blend has organic hibiscus, rosehips, and citrus. This tea is high in Vitamin C. This also makes a great iced tea – which is perfect for the upcoming season! You can really feel this tea on the sides of your tongue; the flavor is super pungent.



Emperor's Tea Peppy PeppermintAnother favorite has been the Peppy Peppermint. Russ found that this tea helped a lot with an upset stomach and digestion. It also tastes great. The peppermint is front and center, without being overwhelming. Nothing worse than drinking peppermint tea that tastes like toothpaste, right? This tea is truly balanced with a medley of mints and citrus flavors with just a hint of spice, consisting of spearmint leaf, peppermint, rosehips, lemongrass, orange peel, red raspberry leaf, and cinnamon.

Emperor's Tea Peppy Peppermint

Emperor's Tea Passion White

The Passion White Tea is also another favorite – and another tea that is delicious cold (can you tell I am gearing up for summer?). I made a big batch of this as an iced tea and it was refreshing and light. This premium white tea has been flavored with coconut and pineapples and sort of makes you feel like you are on vacation. And hey, who doesn’t like vacation?

The Emperor’s Tea is sincerely exceptional. If you are a tea enthusiast, you can also join them at their Local Utah Tea Enthusiast events; follow them on Facebook and Twitter to get updates about when those tasting events are happening.This is a great way to taste some of their fine organic teas, as well as learn more about the health benefits that they can provide. I also invite you to jump on over to some of the local businesses that are currently selling The Emperor’s Tea.

You can find their teas locally here:

The Store: 2050 East 6200, South Holladay

The Chocolate Conspiracy: 900 s. 265 e. Unit B, Salt Lake City,

Sunset Coffee Company: 7978 S 1300 E, Sandy

Or, you can find all of their teas online at their new and improved (and might I add, beautiful) website!


The Emperor’s Tea also has many health products, which I will be writing about in a separate post (and I am not joking around when they say they have wrinkle cream figured out). So be watching for that as well as an awesome Emperor’s Tea giveaway, which will give a lucky reader a chance to try them out for free.

Until then, ‘remember the tea kettle –
it is always up to its neck in hot water,
yet it still sings!’
–Author Unknown


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  1. Just curious if you know why this tea would make me sleepy. Every time I had drank it, it made me feel very tired. In fact I quit drinking it for a while, and today I had some and was reminded of why I hadn’t been drinking it! =(

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