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It was quite difficult to find the perfect place to hold our wedding rehearsal dinner. We had some pretty specific things that we wanted. First, we wanted a private or semi-private room so that our families, who had never met before, could get to know each other without too loud of an atmosphere. Second, we wanted to be able to bring in our own wine without a huge corkage fee. And third, of course, the food had to be outstanding. In the end, we decided on Biaggi’s Ristorante Italiano, located at the Gateway Mall downtown. I had been there once before with a large group for a corporate party, and remembered the food and service being great. Large parties can be difficult to make delicious and consistent food for, and Biaggi’s did a fantastic job. So, we made the reservation with high hopes.

I have to say, Biaggi’s completely lived up to our expectations. The small room that they had reserved for us was prefect for our group of 14. We could all hear each other and we weren’t interrupted by the large Friday night crowd. Biaggi’s also only charges a $5 corkage fee, which is the lowest I have ever seen in Salt Lake City. Carl Schweikert, Managing Partner, told me himself that they did this to make guests feel like bringing in wine was welcomed. They didn’t want to overcharge and want their guests to feel as though they can bring wine anytime. This kind of attitude, to me, is exceptional customer service. Carl wasn’t the only one to show us how guests at Biaggi’s are taken care of. Juan, our server, was perhaps one of the best servers I have had in ages. He was attentive and quick, and made personal connections with several people at our party. Thank you, Juan, for helping to make our night so wonderful!


But let’s be real, in the end, the food is what really matters more than anything. Biaggi’s food was fantastic. Everyone raved about their meals, the flavors, and the unique presentations. Because I was planning to write about our dinner, I asked the group if there was anyone who didn’t “enjoy” their meal. Out of 14 meals, there wasn’t person who was disappointed. I would say that is quite the success! Here were some of our favorites:

Biaggi's Sea ScallopsAmazing Sea Scallops

Biaggi's Lobster FettuciniLobster Fettuccini

Biaggi's BrushettaDelicious and Fresh Brushetta

Garlic Shrimp OrgeanataGarlic Shrimp Orgeanata

Biaggi's Chicken ParmesanChicken Parmesan (amazing)

Biaggi's Bomboloni
Bomboloni (incredible fresh donuts!)

The Sea Scallops ($20.99) is one of my favorite dishes; I had it the last time I ate at Biaggi’s. The scallops were perfectly cooked and the risotto was creamy and rich. Also, this plate wasn’t so large that it left me feeling like I had too much. The portion size was perfect.

The Fettuccini with Lobster ($16.99) is one of Biaggia’s best sellers, and I have to say, it was one of the best pasta dishes I had in a while. The lobster was front and center – huge, meaty chunks were prevalent throughout the entire dish. The black noodles with the creamy alfredo were also wonderful.

And I can’t leave this post without saying how seriously incredible the Bomboloni ($6.50) were. These fresh donuts with cinnamon-sugar and caramel rum sauce were to die for. Everyone at the table was near speechless after taking a bite.

Thank you to Biaggi’s for such a wonderful evening! This was an important meal for our family and we all left happy and full. If you have any upcoming large parties, I highly recommend letting Biaggi’s take care of you! The food and service was truly exceptional; I couldn’t have been happier with our experience.

Check them out at The Gateway
194 South 400 West
Find them HERE >> on Urbanspoon

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