Brio Tuscan Grille | City Creek, Salt Lake City

Brio Tuscan Grille is the newest restaurant addition to the City Creek shopping area in downtown Salt Lake City. Located right off of 100 South, their beautiful patio beckons any passer by to come in for a delicious meal. Brio is a great spot for a business lunch or a nice evening out and has a large menu full of Tuscan inspired fare.

Brio Tuscan Grille
A girlfriend and I were lucky enough to check out Brio’s brunch menu the first weekend they were open. Upon entering Brio, we were greeted warmly and throughout our meal our server, Evan, was attentive and offered great suggestions. Because I judge every brunch menu by its Eggs Benedict, that was of course, what I ordered. My good friend, Hollie, went with the Frittata Al Forno – as it sounded like a very different and unique take on a classic.

The Eggs Benedictano ($13.35) was great. The hollandaise was super light, but full of flavor. It complimented the dish rather than over-powered it, which I appreciate. I also really loved the asparagus that came with the potatoes. I am not a starch lover, so I was happy that there was a vegetable included on the side, without having to ask for a substitute. The eggs were also cooked perfectly. I really hate getting Eggs Benny when the yolks are overdone. What fun is that? I am not the biggest fan of potatoes, and Brio’s didn’t really change my mind. They were a little over-cooked. However, that definitely didn’t ruin the dish for me as a whole.

Brio Eggs Benedict
I was really happy that Hollie ordered the Fritatta Al Forno ($12.65), as it turned out to be a very interesting brunch menu item. Layered with eggs, angel hair, crisp bacon, onions, spinach, artichoke, Fontina cheese, and Parmesan cream – this dish was incredibly rich, but amazingly delicious! When we read the description, we weren’t sure what to expect or how Brio would integrate the pasta, but it was a great presentation and we both loved it. In no way is this baby low-cal or low-taste. 😉

Brio Fritatta

We finished our meal with a couple of desserts: a Molten Chocolate Cake and the Vanilla Lemon Creme´Brulee. Both were great, but the chocolate cake was delightful. Very very rich and heavy, but tasty. It is a good thing it comes with a scoop of ice cream to balance the rich flavor. The creme brulee was light and traditional.

Brio Dessert Motlen Chocolate Cake

Brio Dessert Creme Brulee

If you are in the City Creek area and are looking for a great meal – check out Brio. If it isn’t too hot (is this heatwave OVER YET??), sit on their lovely patio and take in the downtown atmosphere. It is a great spot. Be prepared to spend a little money, as Brio’s prices tend to be a little above the general brunch price point and expect to leave full; Brio’s flavors lean towards the heavier side. We had an excellent time!

Find Brio at:
80 S. Regent Street | City Creek
BRIO Tuscan Grille on Urbanspoon


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  1. I am dying to go out to eat with you again soon and talk food! Alienated is too strong a word, but lately I’ve felt like several of my friends have either been annoyed by my enthusiasm, or critical of my judgements whenever I’m less than keen on a dish. [The phrase, “I think you order anything with a poached egg just to complain when it’s not cooked right” may have been thrown out 😉 ] It’s nuts how many great restaurants there are in this city and how many new ones open up each month. So much to explore and discuss, I could yammer on and on.

    Your brunch looks delicious – that fontina dish looks insanely good! Looking forward to giving Brio a visit soon!

    • You know, there are just so many haters out there. haha. As a fellow foodie, I totally understand where you are coming from. Eating, dining, whathaveyou – is an experience. It isn’t just filling the belly. I will enjoy your enthusiasm anytime! Perhaps we should do a few reviews together. Tag team that bidness! 🙂 We must get together soon either way. ❤

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