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Wild Grape Bistro has become one of my favorite Salt Lake City staples over the past few years. It is one of my regular brunch spots to hit (try their Benny with black forest ham) but its lunch and dinner service are also great. Wild Grape is also known for their mixologist, Sean Neves – who won Salt Lake City Magazine’s best mixologist of 2012. A few weeks ago we had dinner at Wild Grape, and it occurred to me that I had never put this great spot up on Heartbeat. I clearly need to get it together.

Screen Shot 2013-07-23 at 11.01.32 AM
Wild Grape has a great cheese plate, and I highly recommend ordering it whenever you go. They use all fresh and local cheese – and you can always bet that Beehive Cheese (one of my favorite cheese companies of all time) will make an appearance. If you are lucky, you will be served the famous Barely Buzzed cheese and life will be ever so happy. Whatever cheese, fruit, bread, or compote ends up on your cheese plate from Wild Grape, you won’t be disappointed.


We are huge gnocchi fans at our house. If it is on a menu, you can better believe that Russ or I will order that right up. Neither of us had ordered the Gnocchi at Wild Grape before, but it may have been one of the best meals either of us had in a while. I have to say, it rivaled the Gnocchi that we recently had in France. And that Gnocchi was sent straight from Heavenly Father. The Braised Beef Gnocchi from Wild Grape alone is worth a visit. Hearty and creamy with braised beef, parmesan cheese, snap pea pods, wild mushrooms ($17) – this dish will leave you with a smile on your face and a happy belly. The richness of the sauce and beef is complimented very well with the snap peas; everything comes together deliciously in this dish.


We also ordered the Spinach Feta Salad with smoked trout, spinach, feta cheese, dried cherries, toasted almonds, white balsamic honey vinaigrette ($12). This was a great compliment to the Gnocchi – very light and crisp with fresh ingredients. I am usually not the biggest smoked fish fan, but the fresh trout was great and because the dressing was light, the flavors mixed together very well. The dried cherries added a great sweetness and wonderful texture.

Spinach Feta Salad

While this is just a quick snapshot of some of the amazing food offered at Wild Grape, I have to say – they have so many wonderful things on their menu, as well clever, inventive, and delicious cocktails. Support this great local restaurant – they believe in eating local and supporting our community, and do it in a very tasty way! Also, their patio is a great spot to dine al fresco.

Find Wild Grape Bistro at
481 E South Temple
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    • The Wild Grape has been more consistant and better off without that Phelix guy. When he was around the food was hit or miss. I travel a lot and have eaten all over the world. One night Phelix asked me how my meal was so I told him what I thought. His response back to me was that I didn’t know what it was suppose to taste like. Why ask me if you can’t handle the truth. I love what the Wild Grape has become and I am a regular diner.

  1. This is one of the spots that Sarah and I went to (on our 4th date, I believe) – so we try to hit it up as much as we can (usually for dinner). NEVER disappointed!

  2. That gnocchi looks wonderful! Maxwell’s has a surprisingly great gnocchi as well – when Devon orders it in the pesto cream sauce and let’s me dip my pizza slices in it… good lord I hardly have words for how good it is.

    I never made it out to Wild Grape before early this year and I think we’ve already been back four times! I will say, it’s been a pinch disappointing my last visit or two — not bad, just poor service once, and an overcooked meal the next time, but still a treat considering that if you visit comparable restaurants the same time of day they’re likely to have a crazy wait and Wilk Grape has always gotten us right in. I’ve only ever been for brunch and would love to check out their dinner options!

  3. Based on this and other blogs I wanted to try the Wild Grape and it appears it has closed down! Anyone know why or if that is temporary?

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