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When you walk into Saffron Valley, you enter a deliciously beautiful atmosphere with wafts of curry, chutney, and chilies. The new Salt Lake City location made its home in the old Pagoda Restaurant building on 26 E Street, right above Einsteins Bagels on South Temple – and they have made the building their own. Owner, Lavanya Mahate, has done an amazing job with the East India/British India style décor, which she designed herself. Saffron Valley also has a beautiful boutique area that sells Indian inspired trinkets and things as well as spice blends which make eclectic gifts! But once you have taken in the atmosphere of Saffron Valley, the food will speak for itself.



We wanted to taste as much as possible since I had heard nothing but wonderful things about Saffron Valley, its food, and Lavayna. So, we started with the Kheema Dosa ($8), a savory lentil and rice crepe with ground lamb, chicken, egg, and served with sambhar (an amazing dipping soup), and coconut and tomato chutneys. I had heard that the Dosas at Saffron Valley were fantastic, and I am happy to say the Kheema Dosa lived up to the reputation. The rice crepe was very light, and the stuffing of lamb and chicken was beautifully spiced with a lot of flavor. However, the dipping soup and chutneys really made this dish – they each added a very different flavor, some sweet and some savory, that brought out the tenderness of the lamb and made for a very interesting experience. Also, they are epically gigantic!

Saffron Valley Dosa
The other dish that was recommended to me was the Methi Lamb Chops. I have to say first, I am not a huge lamb fan. It stems back to my childhood when we would go to “Lamb Day” as a family in Fountain Green, Utah (where my Grandmother grew up) and I was forced to eat lamb sandwiches as a kiddo. It was traumatizing for some reason, and I haven’t been a lamb lover since. However, I decided to go with the recommendation and take a chance.

It was the best chance ever! I have never had such delicious lamb in my life. I have never dreamt of lamb chops so much after eating them! Seriously, friends, the lamb chops are magical. Garlic and fenugreek marinated lamb chops with sauteed vegetables ($14) will make you ever so happy. They were fresh, moist, flavorful, and outstanding.

Saffron Valley Lamb Chops

We also decided to get the buffet so that we could taste the many different flavors that Saffron Valley has to offer. I am happy to say that there wasn’t one item that we tried that we didn’t like. There were also a plethora of vegetarian and vegan items on the buffet, all of which were exotic and rich with delicious Indian flavors. The Tikka Masala and the Panir dishes we tried were delicious. Sometimes, items on a buffet can get over cooked and over heated, which makes things totally disappointing. Saffron Valley does a great job of keeping their items fresh. Also, each item had its own individual flavor notes and complexities – so nothing really got lost in the buffet plate shuffle. It was all great. Also, our service was excellent!



Saffron Valley’s mission is to help people experience India through food, culture, and gifts. They host annual food festivals like the South Indian Food Festival, Kebab Carnival, weekly Tiffin Tuesdays, and Regional Sunday Buffets to celebrate Indian food and culture. Make sure to join them and enjoy their amazing food creations and check out their new location in Salt Lake. You won’t be disappointed (make sure to get the lamb chops)!

Find Saffron Valley:

Saffron Valley Indian Street Foods 1098 W South Jordan Pkwy
South Jordan, UT-84095

Saffron Valley East India Cafe
26 E Street
Salt Lake City, UT-84103

Find the HERE on Facebook and HERE on Twitter!

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Special thank you to Saffron Valley and Lavayna for hosting us.


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