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What makes a burger “better?” This is the question I asked myself as my husband and I waited in line at the Better Burger food truck, which was parked just up the street from our house a few nights ago. I am a big fan of food trucks, and Better Burger is one I hadn’t heard much about. So, I was excited to see what indeed made their burgers “better” than the rest…

Better Burger
What Better Burger is all about is local and quality ingredients. The cows that Better Burger gets its beef from are raised in Moab, Utah and they only eat grass. They never use growth hormones, antibiotics, or chemicals. They roam free and are HAPPY cows! And, because their cows are grass fed, they are much healthier for you. Better Burger’s beef is four times higher in vitamin E and two – four times higher in omega-3 content. All of Better Burger’s ingredients are local – even the buns are cooked by local Stone Ground Bakery. Everything from their fruit to the ice cream they use in their milkshakes is from right here in Utah! You can bet that everything you eat from Better Burger’s food truck was sourced locally first.

Better Burger
Using all local ingredients and local grass-fed beef is great – but how do their burgers taste? Well, they are pretty good. We ordered the original Better Burger as well as the Veggie Burger and both were tasty. The burgers are sized perfectly (not too big, not too small) and have a simple deliciousness to them. You can make your burger as simple or as complicated as you want in regards to toppings, but even a burger with a few local and fresh ingredients is going to taste better (and be better for you) than many of the alternatives. The sweet potato fries were also great and the fry sauce had a horseradish kick, which a girl like me can really appreciate.

Better Burger Sweet Potato Fries

Better Burger Veggie Burger

Better Burger


Don’t let the simplicity of these photos fool you. These burgers were yummy and didn’t leave us feeling like we had overdone it. Soft buns, quality ingredients, and lots of flavor. Next time you see the Better Burger food truck, it is worth a stop.

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