CousCous Mediterranean Grill | Murray, Utah

As we start venturing around a new part of town, having recently moved, it is so nice (and also relieving) to find something delicious so close to home! Getting a bit further out of the city had me somewhat worried. 😉

CousCous Mediterranean Grill is a charming little restaurant, tucked away in Murray, Utah. Since CousCous is only moments away from our new house, we decided to give it a shot – even though I had heard nothing about it. However, the menu looked interesting and CousCous uses local and fresh ingredients! They also mentioned on their website that they enjoyed working with and giving back to local farms. I always like to support restaurants who use this as a business practice!

CousCous Mediterranean Grill

The menu is really eclectic and wide ranging – with everything from flat-bread pizzas, pastas, gluten-free options such as zucchini noodles, interesting salads, and chicken & lamb shawarmra (even topped on Mediterranean nachos!). For our first trip, we went with what looked most popular from diner reviews: The Potato Dumplings with Grilled Chicken (dumplings and grilled chicken in our signature creamy basil sauce, $8.99) and the Chicken Shawarma Wrap (delicious shwarma in a whole grain wrap, topped with lettuce, tomato, onions, garlic tahini sauce and fresh avocado. Served with side of couscous. $8.99).

CousCous Potato Dumplings

CousCous Chicken Shawarma Wrap

And since I believe that you can judge a Mediterranean restaurant on its hummus, we got that as well – along with some fresh pita bread ($4.99).

CousCous Hummus

I have to say, we were pleasantly shocked by how great this food was. The flavors were bold and interesting – you won’t find anything bland at CousCous, I can bet on that. The hummus was outstanding with flavors of garlic and herbs – it was one of the more interesting hummus concoctions I have probably ever had. The potato dumplings were also great. The dumplings themselves were heavy, and the dish was incredibly hearty. The chicken was  tender; however, the flatbread that came on the side was probably my favorite thing. It was so fluffy, I could have used it as a pillow. The dumplings, chicken, and flatbread were all finished off wonderfully with a very well-rounded basil sauce. The chicken shawarma wrap was another thing all together – talk about perfect medley of flavors. The chicken was incredibly tender and dripping with juices and was complimented well by the fresh veggies and tahini sauce. And of course, the side of couscous was a perfect compliment.

CousCous Mediterranean Grill

Everything we had a CousCous was really delightful. I feel lucky to have such a great spot just around the corner! Make sure to check them out, and call me when you do – I will meet you for lunch!

CousCous is located at 5470 South 900 East in Murray.
Find CousCous on Facebook HERE.

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