Fall is a Time to Reflect and Move Forward

Seasons changing always does this to me. You know that thing – that thing where you become all pensive and contemplative and appreciative of everything good in life? Yeah. That thing. I saw this fun blogger list HERE a while back and thought it was a great way to get thinking about gratitude and the journey we are all currently on. So, in the spirit of autumn, over-sized sweaters, crunchy leaves, and warm beverages – here is my take on it all.

Making: a new home – unpacking, reorganizing, and re-loving it all.

Cooking: harvest pumpkin soup with crusty asiago bread. Recipe here (PS, it turned out delicious!)

Harvest Pumpkin Soup

Drinking: polishing off the late from home this morning and starting on today’s 8 – 10 glasses of water!

Reading: I just finished The Paris Wife this past week. It was one of the best books I have read in a long time; full of beautiful imagery, unique perspectives, and the internal burn to write. The story is about Ernst Hemmingway’s first wife, Hadley, when they lived in Paris after the war. Much of the book takes place while he is writing The Sun Also Rises and it is all from her perspective. It was brilliant, poignant, beautiful, and touching. I think I will follow it up by rereading The Sun Also Rises, which I hope to start this weekend.

The Paris Wife

Wanting: boxes to be unpacked, hot coffee, a snuggle with the dogs and hubby on this cold fall day.

Looking: to be better in anyway I can.

Playing: Angus and Julia Stone

Wasting: nothing and no one.

Sewing: together words, everyday.

Wishing: for a quick and pain-less winter, full of mild weather and lots of great food.

Enjoying: a chilly morning, warm leggings and new sweaters, a quite day at the office, a writing project.

Waiting: for everything, all the time.

Liking: the small details.

Wondering: always, about what tomorrow will bring and what new things will come to be thankful for.

Loving: That wonderful, charming, honest, hardworking, handsome, clever, loyal man of mine. Forever.

Little Cottonwood Canyon

Hoping: for the most beautiful spring of my life.

Marveling: at how many incredible people grace me with their presence every day.

Needing: I am not without anything I need. I have everything that I could possibly want – needs are only wants in disguise.

Smelling: the leftover wafts of organic maple oatmeal.

Wearing: the cliche’, quintessential fall outfit: camel boots, grey leggings, black dress, over-sized red rustic sweater.

Following: my heart.

Noticing: my stomach starting to growl for lunch.

Knowing: everything will be alright.

Thinking: I am going to read more this winter.

Feeling: thankful for it all.

Bookmarking: ideas.

Opening: my heart and mind for new adventures.

Giggling: at funny office email memes; namely, the ScarJo one that I got last week.

Feeling: a little sleepy and a lot wonderful.

Dog Tangle

Are you a blogger? Copy the list for yourself and link to it in the comments. 🙂 Happy Fall!


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