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I always love an opportunity to try or review local products. Kodiak Cakes is a locally owned and operated business that has been selling delicious flapjack mixes since the early 90’s. They have become one of the favorite brands for pancakes and syrups locally, and throughout the country. Recently, Kodiak Cakes launched their new product, Minute Muffins – and I am a big fan.

There has been a growing trend of cooking (or microwaving) up cakes or muffins for one – sometimes in a mug, sometimes in the container that you buy the product in. Just take a look at Pinterest and you can find a million ideas about how to make a single serving baked treat. Most of these are big fat fails. I have tried a few single serving baked items/ideas, and none of them have left me wanting more. We all have seen Pinterest fails like the one from Pinterestfail.com, right? So, I have to say, when Kodiak Cakes sent me their Minute Muffins, I didn’t have high hopes. I was happy to be completely wrong.

Kodiak Cakes sent me four Minute Muffin flavors to try: Mountain Blueberry, Double Dark Chocolate, Apple Cinnamon Oat, and Lemon Chia. Each one is made with whole grains, is all-natural, and packed with fiber and protein. You all know how I feel about refined sugar and carbohydrates, so a product that is simple as well as healthy (and local!) is a welcome find. And the best part is you get a hot, quick, super simple, delicious breakfast (or treat; the Double Dark Chocolate it definitely tasty enough to be a healthy dessert option).

Kodiak Cakes  Minute MuffinsAll you have to do is add a tiny bit of water, stir, and microwave for a minute. That’s it. When I tried my first flavor, Lemon Chia (I am a sucker for anything lemon), I was super surprised that the muffin fluffed up and smelled so amazing after only 60 seconds. Three people at the office asked me what I was eating because the smell of this muffin was wonderful.

Lemon Chia Minute Muffin

It might not look like much, but really friends, this was a tasty breakfast, and my favorite flavor. Russ ate the Apple Cinnamon Oat muffin for breakfast the next day and loved it so much, he raved about it after work. Who knew that such a small and simple thing could be worth a whole conversation? Over the course of a week, I finished the rest of the muffins, and really enjoyed each one. My only snafu was putting too much water in the chocolate muffin and ended up with a bountiful concoction that took over the entire container. 😉 It was still delicious, however.

A few days later, in a total coincidence, my mom bought us Kodiak Cakes pancake mix as a gift for an early airport drop-off. The timing was perfect since Kodiak Cakes were on my mind. I have to say, they were the best pancakes from a mix that I have ever made. And the fact that they are local and made with whole grains made it all the better.

Kodiak Cakes

Kodiak Cakes

In the end, Kodiak Cakes provided us with more than a few delicious, healthy meals, and they have my whole-hearted recommendation. I would definitely suggest trying out their new Minute Muffins, which you can find in Associated Food Stores: Harmon’s, Fresh Market, and Walmart. They will probably be on my breakfast rotation from now on. And hey everyone, don’t skip breakfast, ok? Especially when something this easy comes your way!

Find Kodiak Cakes on Facebook HERE >>

*Kodiak Cakes provided me samples for this blog post.


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