Pulp | The Gym at City Creek, Salt Lake City

It is a pretty good marriage if you ask me – an organic, healthy, smoothie and juice bar located inside one of the best gyms downtown. They make a good pair. But here is the best part, you don’t HAVE to go to the gym to enjoy the great food that Pulp is offering up. Just walk on in and order up a delicious, fresh smoothie, panini, or soup!

Pulp SLC

Pulp opened its doors at the beginning of the year, offering up simple, yet healthy, whole food and beverage options for those working out at the gym — or anyone wandering around City Creek looking for a pick-me-up. Last week, I was able to stop by and see what the fuss was about. Sure enough, they marketed themselves pretty perfectly and I found their smoothies and food to be just what the new year’s doctor ordered.

I was able to try the Peach Pie smoothie, as well as the Drop Da Beet smoothie. Both were fantastic, flavorful, and had depth. In fact, my friend Caroline said that the beet smoothie was the best smoothie she had ever tasted outside anything she made at home. So, that’s awesome. Neither were too sweet and both were full of good-for-you ingredients from whole/natural foods; none of those powders or syrups. These smoothies are the real deal.

Pulp Peach Pie Smoothie

Pulp also features a daily special which includes a panini and house-made soup for only $8. We were able to try a veggie panini, paired with homemade minestrone soup, which was incredibly heavenly and absolutely fresh. You can also get a PB Panini (made with freshly ground peanut butter), or the Tuscan Panini (with tomato, provolone, roasted red pepper, and pesto). Let’s just say that if you finished an hour workout, you aren’t going to ruin it by stopping for lunch at the Pulp counter.

Pulp Panini

Pulp Soup

I really liked Pulp: the food, the service, and the concept. I hope that we see them expand here in the city, because I think there is definitely more space for fresh juice, smoothies, and healthy (but TASTY!) food. In the meantime, make sure to stop by the Gym at City Creek for a quick snack, a morning smoothie, or a healthy lunch. You will be happy you did!

Find Pulp on Facebook HERE >>

51 South Main Street
Salt Lake City, UT
(Close Sunday)

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