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One thing that was super hard for me while I was pregnant, was not being able to go check out the latest and greatest restaurants and bars that were opening up all around Salt Lake. Sure, I could have gone and had some lovely seltzer water, but if I was going to go to a place called “Whiskey Street” – you better believe I was going to have whiskey. So, I decided that I wouldn’t venture into some of SLC’s latest and greatest until Clementine made her debut. Therefore, our first big date night out had quite a few options. In the end, we decided to check out Whiskey Street because the menu looked amazing, and honestly, a nice whiskey on “the rock” sounded pretty great. See how happy we are to be OUT (and maybe a little nervous?!) 🙂

Heartbeat Nosh

Our venture to Whiskey Street was early (like 6:30 p.m. early). So, my review of this fun new bar/restaurant is based solely on the fact that the place wasn’t packed with the late night crowd, which I hear can get pretty intense. Instead, we had the undivided attention of our great server, a good (but light) crowd to contend with, and the lovely breeze wafting in through the huge garage doors at the entrance (LOVE that). It should also be mentioned that we were starving – so we ordered quite a bit of food. We also took a bottle of wine that we had been waiting to drink that we had purchased in Sancerre, France on our Honeymoon. So, overall, this night had “amazing” written all over it.


Whiskey Street

We started with some delicious fried pickles (Tempura kosher dills & spicy remoulade $7), which were great. The batter was really light and the remoulade made for a great dipping sauce. We also ordered the Crab Stuffed Grilled Artichoke (because who DOESN’T order the artichoke with crab?), which was one of my favorites (Lump crab, artichoke hearts, pecorino, hearts of palm, clarified butter, tarragon ponzu aioli $12). Both of these were great starters.

Whiskey Street Fried Pickles

Whiskey Street Fried Pickles

Whiskey Street Crab Stuffed Artichoke
For our entrees, we ordered the Pork Belly Cuban (Braised pork belly, house-smoked tasso ham, gruyere, pickles and spicy sweet mango mostarda $12) and the Mac & Cheese (Smoked chicken, scallops, pork belly confit, tasso ham, gouda, fontina, gruyere, orchiette $18). Both of these entrees were very rich, but super delicious. The Cuban was outstanding – filled with succulent pork belly and flavorful ham. I loved every bite. The Mac N Cheese was filled with so many different wonderful things – but the scallops really stood out. Perfectly cooked and tender. We also ordered the Jack Daniels Black Bean Buffalo Chili, which was awesome (Fontina, cilantro lime crème fraiche $5).

Whiskey Street Pork Belly Cuban

Whiskey Street Mac N Cheese

Whiskey Street Black Bean Chili

And of course, we had to top the night off with two “whiskey on the rock” orders. I chose the High West Rye and Russ decided on a Yamazaki 12 year. Yum.

Whiskey Street

Whiskey Street was the prefect choice for our evening out – and I want to give the chef and employees a big shout out for the great service and food! We will definitely be back and you should really put it in your dinner rotation – Whiskey Street is definitely not just a ‘bar.’ 🙂

Whiskey Street
323 South Main, SLC, Utah
Whiskey Street on Urbanspoon


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