Cupbop Food Truck | Salt Lake City

Are you ready to add one more thing to your “craveable” list?
Then, you should hunt down the Copbop Korean BBQ Truck and fall in love.

The concept is simple: Korean BBQ in a cup. Yes. However, their flavors are anything but simple. Cupbop serves Korean style BBQs (Beef, Pork, and Chicken) with rice, veggies, and noodles. And it is pretty much like a flavor explosion – amazing sauces, amazing textures, fast, friendly, and not to mention FUN. These guys really know how to keep a long line of customers entertained and happy. They want to please you; and they do!


For my first Cupbop, I ordered the COMBO cup – because hey, I wanted to try everything. The combo said it came with beef and pork, but they so lovingly asked me if I would also like chicken. Well, heck yes, I want to try the chicken too! We also ordered the Mandoo (Korean dumplings). And because Cupbop’s customer service is wonderful and they knew 2 people were sharing this famous appetizer – they offered us 4 pieces instead of 3, as to not cause a “fight” over the last one. And believe me, we would have had a fight.

CupBop Combo

CupBop Mandoo

The combo cup itself was delicious. I don’t know how I will decide in the future which meat to go with – the pork, chicken, and the beef were all so tender and wonderful. If you want to try them all, I would definitely suggest the combo cup. I think that I will just do a rotation from now on – because I need to focus on one delicious meat from here on out. The combo also has rice AND noodles, so you really do get to try everything Cupbop has to offer in one bowl. I was partial to the noodles, but the rice ain’t bad. Guys, it was all delicious. The Mandoo were also tasty – a spicy little appetizer to wet your whistle with Cupbop Truck flavors. Don’t pass it up. And let me just say – it was a scorching 90+ day outside, and I didn’t even mind the spicy, hotness of Cupbop. Not one bit. Also, I have to point out the 100% satisfaction rating they have on Urbanspoon (check the link below) – because that never happens.

So, here is what you do. You follow Cupbop on every social media outlet possible. Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. And then, when they post their locations for the day – you go, and you order a delicious lunch or dinner. I believe they have a standing date with the Sugarhouse Farmer’s Market on Friday nights – so check them out!

It is craveable goodness in a cute little cup, friends.

Cupbop Korean BBQ on Urbanspoon


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