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10154434_429629470506310_1293525835_nIt is likely that you have all been to Beer Bar by now. I mean, why wouldn’t you have been? Unless you were knocked up like me for the past year, then there would be no reason to not check out one of the most talked about restaurant openings in recent history to get yourself a beer and a brat. Right?

Well, humor me. I just had my first Beer Bar experience.

I work about 2 seconds away from Beer Bar, so my first steps inside were during the lunch hour – and that is fine by me. Of course, we all know that Ty Burrell, one of the owners of Bar X and Modern Family superstar, brought Beer Bar to life – along with local celebrity chef, Viet Pham, and others invested in making Salt Lake City super cool and wonderful. Beer Bar is also directly linked to Bar X with a hallway connecting the two. Amazingly fresh artisan cocktails? Check. Brats and beers, too? Check. You can do both. Beer Bar is littered with large communal tables, an open floor plan, and projection TVs for you sports fans out there. The high ceilings, metallic finishes, white subway tile, and highrise wall of beautiful beer glasses make this a great visual space as well. It’s fun. And pretty.

Beer Bar

But what about the food? Yeah, it’s pretty good too. I am a big fan of sausages and my true love (the Currywurst) resides in Germany, where real brats and sausages live and breathe. In fact, the Currywurst stand outside of the Koln train station might be one of my favorite places on earth. I have yet to have anything THAT delicious, but Beer Bar comes close. In fact, their sausages are specifically created for Beer Bar by local master sausage maker, Frody Vlogger (who is quite a charming fellow), using only the finest organic ingredients from local farmers – and you all know, I love that.

Beer Bar

With a lot of friends ordering at this Beer Bar outing, I got to see and taste quite a bit of what Beer Bar had to offer. The concept is simple: choose a sausage, choose 2 toppings, choose sides or strudel, and choose a beverage! The brats are legit; the toppings abundant; the fries and sauces addictive. I personally ordered the Ruben Brat – which was fantastic. I sort of ordered it without looking TOO closely however, figuring that anything named “ruben,” would come slathered in sauerkraut. But, that is what I get for assuming – there was no sauerkraut to be found on this menu item. It was still tasty, but next time, I will be making that request. The photos speak for themselves – and it is obvious that Beer Bar is the perfect place for a late night crowd OR a lunch adventurer.





And then, there is the beer. THE BEER! Beer Bar has a rotating tap menu and a wide range of local brews, and a few “out of towners.” You will find some of your local favorites, or you can do what I did – point and guess. This strategy got me a fantastic beer, which is one of my new favorites: La Trappe – a delicious Belgian-style pale ale. Yum. The good news is, you could visit Beer Bar hundreds of times and never get the same beer twice. Maybe a challenge to take on?

Beer Bar


There was only one thing I didn’t love about Beer Bar – and that was in execution only. No servers? Really? I have to walk up to the bar and stand in line for any request I might have? On a busy night, that can’t be fun. I hear that the beer line can get up to 45 minutes long – not to mention an additional wait if you want to eat this great food. But hey, a bar is a bar is a bar, right?

Maybe I will stick with the lunch crowd and enjoy my beer and brats in 30 minutes or less! 🙂

Check out Beer Bar for yourself and let me know what you think!

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161 South 200 East, Salt Lake City

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