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Cocktail Club by Heartbeat Nosh

August Cocktail Club was a BLAST! This is quickly becoming one of my favorite nights of the month. This month we had a small, but wonderful group, and our featured beverage was the perfect toast to the end of summer. That’s right, folks, summer is wrapping up quickly – if you can believe it!


Chelsea Nelson | Heartbeat NoshAugust Cocktail Club Hostess: Chelsea (yup, that’s me, friends)

Well, you all know me – or at least should be somewhat familiar with me, since I write this here blog. In a nutshell, I like food, cocktails, friends, and my little amazing family. I also like cucumbers, which was my inspiration for this cocktail. While looking for cucumber inspired drinks, I came across this month’s cocktail recipe – which was created by blogger, Bit By a Fox. Check out her fun blog and make sure to create this drink at home.

Brighton BeachcomberAugust Featured Cocktail:
The Brighton Beachcomber


2 oz blanco tequila (I used Camarena blanco tequila, which worked great)
2 oz coconut water
1 oz ginger liqueur (Canton was delish!)
1 oz lime juice (to taste)
4 thick slices of cucumber (1 for garnish)


Muddle three slices of cucumber at the bottom of a cocktail shaker. Add the tequila, coconut water, ginger liqueur, lime, and ice. Shake until well chilled. Strain into a coup/cocktail class (we used champagne glasses, which I thought were quite pretty). Garnish with a floating cucumber.

The Brighton Beachcomber was light and refreshing, but strong. Not very sweet, but full of flavor – this is one that you will enjoy if you want something easy to drink, but are into avoiding the saccharine sweet. I give it two thumbs up!

The star of this show was one of my new favorite liqueurs – Domain de Canton. If you like ginger, you could even add a bit more to this drink. We ended up doing 2 oz of Canton after the first cocktail because we were all ginger fans. This liqueur is light, but packs a punch with the flavor. It could be added to all sorts of cocktails with a great deal of delicious success. Also, it’s pretty.

Domain de Canton

It was fun to create a new cocktail – and thanks again to Bit By A Fox blog for the inspiration!
Take a look at some more photos from Cocktail Club and how I created this tasty, refreshing, boozy bevvy!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And thanks to these ladies for joining me in a good buzz –
it made the fact that most of us showed up in black and white polka dots even more awesome.


The next Cocktail Club will be held on September 21 – so stay tuned for another great recipe!
Follow #HBNCocktailClub on Twitter and Instagram for more photos.


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  1. Yay! So glad you made one of my all time faves…and liked it! ginger and cukes in errrrthang. Just noticed in the list of ingredients for the recipe you left out the lime. I’m sure that’s a quick fix!

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