It’s Tofu | Murray, Utah

Thank goodness for hidden gems in my neck of the woods! Why have I NEVER heard of this place?

It’s Tofu is located right off 7200 South, right in the middle of chain restaurant/store heaven. You will find it in the strip mall right above Noodles and Company – so, just head to It’s Tofu next time you are in the area. Skip the rest.

It's Tofu

It’s Tofu is a “taste of modern Seoul” – Korea, that is. The restaurant is very modern in its decor, and you get a sense of that flair from its food as well. Everything from the steel chop sticks and stainless flatware, to the sleek ambiance, makes you forget your are in a strip mall all together. And, most dishes come with an egg – so, in my opinion, that just makes everything even better.

It’s Tofu offers up traditional Korean fare like Bibimbap, Rice Bowls, Hot Stone Pots, Dumplings, Tofu Stew, and Jun (one of my favorites). Spicy pork and beef are barbeque style, but you can also find short rib and chicken on the menu. Most meats, as well as tofu, can be added to any dish you choose. I can never decide, so I always order something with the very finely chopped and tender beef, as well as tofu. Not only do most of these dishes come with an egg (you can also get them without the egg, of course) but they are accompanied by an array of amazing Korean side dishes: kimchi, pickled cucumbers with chili, sweet soy glazed potato, Korean radish, etc. Also, Koren rice beer is pretty amazing. The photos speak for themselves!

Beef Hot Stone Pot with Sides

Beef Hot Stone Pot with Sides

Kook Soon Dang - Rice Beer

Kook Soon Dang – Rice Beer

Beef and Tofu Bowl with Egg

Beef and Tofu Bowl with Egg



Beef and Tofu Bowl

Beef and Tofu Bowl – with side Egg

Tofu Stew with Pork and Sides

Tofu Stew with Pork and Sides

It's Tofu

I have been every week since discovering this place. It is so incredibly delicious…and perfect for cold, winter days. The soup is spicy and perfect for warming the belly and soul and the rice bowls and hearty and full of good-for-you ingredients. The staff is welcoming and our service has always been top-notch. I would recommend this restaurant to anyone, even if you have never ventured much into Korean food. It might become one of your new favorites as well!

Find It’s Tofu at
6949 South 1300 East
It's Tofu on Urbanspoon


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