3 Cups | Holladay, Utah

When we moved from the clutches of the Downtown/Sugarhouse area, I figured that we would be leaving behind the ability to walk to our favorite coffee shops, ride bikes to fun, eclectic, local restaurants, and the hop/skip/jump to great neighborhood bars. Although we weren’t leaving them very far behind, we knew that accessing these types of gems could become more difficult. And while much of that sentiment has been correct, we have still been able to find great stuff near us…and new, hip joints are opening up all the time. The Murray/Holladay area, in particular, is exploding with renovation and revitalization and bringing with that excitement – places like 3 Cups.

3 Cups Holladay

I needed a new coffee spot. Badly. The Beans & Brew across the street wasn’t cutting it whatsoever, and the Java Joe’s Drive-Thru (which has fantastic coffee), isn’t the place for a sit down, stop and enjoy, cappuccino. I felt lost and sad…and that is not being melodramatic. The location of all the new Holladay hot spots isn’t exactly across the street, but it’s close – merely a 4 minute drive or so. So, I couldn’t wait for 3 Cups to open and I hoped, desperately, that this new coffee spot would offer me the following: excellent coffee, atmosphere for a chat with a friend or to sit and read, food options to satisfy my breakfasty palate, kid-friendly seating (think high chairs), and parking. Guess what? 3 Cups delivers on all of those! THEY HAVE HIGH CHAIRS! Oh the things this girl needs these days…seriously. But I have this really cute coffee date on Sunday, and she is pretty pint-sized. 😉

3 Cups

3 Cups

So here is my brief ‘review.’ I like 3 Cups. A lot.

My coffee each time has been exceptional: creamy, rich, and completely on point (thank you to coffeehouse veteran, Derek Belnap, formerly of Coffee Garden and that darling bearded barista whom I am sure has a great name that I don’t know). The pastries are incredible (made by pastry chef, Amber Billings, formerly of Vinto). The atmosphere is modern and clean, while still feeling welcoming. There is plenty of close parking. My kid shares my breakfast pastry and has plenty to look at while mom decompresses. It’s bliss. Go check it out!

3 Cups

3 Cups

3 cups

3 cups

3 cups

3 Cups
4670 South Holladay Village Sq
Holladay, Utah
Find the HERE on Facebook.


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