Copper Kitchen | Holladay, Utah

Ryan Lowder has done it again.

In line with the success of Copper Onion and Copper Common, Ryan brings us Copper Kitchen. And some of the best news is that this amazing restaurant brings the delectable flavors of the “Copper” line a little more South, to Holladay. Spread the love, that’s what I say!

Copper Kitchen

Copper Kitchen offers a fun, simple, comfortable, and even romantic atmosphere. We were lucky and got a little booth in the corner, and it really seemed that we were in our own world, even though the restaurant was pretty busy. The noise level was low – which was surprising in the very high-ceilinged, open dining room, and very much appreciated as my handsome hubby and I don’t enjoy fancy, romantic dinners as much as we used to. Our service was also great with suggestions made (and taken) and even an extra cocktail brought to our table when the first one was incorrect (without us having to say one word about it). *WIN* I suggest trying the Falling Leaf cocktail (zaya rum, ransom old tom gin, maple, benedictine, nutmeg, $9) because, nutmeg.

Copper Kitchen Falling Leaf

Copper Kitchen Cocktails

But what we really need to talk about is the side dish that blew my little foodie mind: The Cauliflower Gribiche (paprika, mayonnaise, chopped egg. $7). This roasted veggie was, in fact, the best cauliflower I have ever eaten. Ever. I will go back just for this dish. Yum. Gooey, flavorful, and robust!

Copper Kitchen Cauliflower Side DIsh
We also ordered the House Pickles ($4) and the Chicken Brodo Soup (roasted chicken, sage dumplings, $8) to start. Both hearty and packed with flavor – a great way to start the evening.

Copper Kitchen Chicken Brodo Soup

Copper Kitchen House PIckles

These great starters were followed by some of the best main courses I have had in a while – and both featured beef in the starring role. My Beef Bourguignon Pasta (garlic, shallots, pork belly batons, pappardelle, creamy mustard, $21) was so good I almost cried. There were even some burnt ends in there, along with the most tender beef, which added so much smoky amazing flavor. The pasta (housemade, of course) was perfection. Even for a heavy on the flavor dish, this left me satisfied, but not over-full. Russ ordered the Steak Frites (snake river farms pub steak, house fries, béarnaise, $26), which was also immaculate. Perfectly cooked to order steak, with tender, yet firm and lightly seasoned fires. Melt in your mouth. Wonderful.

Copper KItchen Beef Bourguignon

  Copper Kitchen Steak Frites
And you can’t forget dessert! Flourless chocolate cake with espresso ice cream. Great way to finish off an amazing meal! EVERYTHING WAS SO GOOD. I kind of want to high five the chef, at least six times.

Copper Kitchen Chocolate Cake

Make your way to Holladay and enjoy the amazing and intense flavors Copper Kitchen has to offer – be prepared to spend some time and enjoy the ride! Lovely addition to our neighborhood.

Copper Kitchen
4640 So 2300 E Suite 102
Holladay, Utah

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