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Cocktail Club by Heartbeat Nosh

It’s a new year and HBN Cocktail Club is back in action! January’s event was such a good time and we all got schooled on how to make a proper Manhattan! You guys, these Cocktail Club hostesses are really taking it up a notch every time. This month, we had a full on power point presentation about the history of the Manhattan, as well as great information on each ingredient that makes up this delicious libation. There is something about a little education before concocting a boozy bevvy that makes it taste that much better!

Manhattan Cocktail

Manhattan Cocktail

Manhattan Cocktail

January Cocktail Club Hostess: Rachel

Cocktai Club ManhattansSometimes I want to take my Cocktail Club posting opportunity to talk about how much I love my friends. I especially want to do this when Rachel is the hostess. Rachel and I have LEGIT been friends since we were eight years old. I have known her pretty much my whole life. And, there are really no holes in that timeline. We have been friends, through and through, for 25 years. I mean, that is a rare and wonderful thing. Someone who has that much historical knowledge about you can be dangerous – but Rachel always has good intentions. 😉 She is a mom of three amazing kids who I love like my own, a brilliant RN who is also getting her Master’s degree, a organic cooking and gardening wiz, and wife to Kris (who is a record collector and musician extraordinaire). I knew Rachel would do an amazing job as Cocktail Club hostess, because by her nature, Rachel is an amazing hostess. But since she is also brilliant, the power point made sense. Thank you so much, Rach, for hosting a huge group this month! I speak for everyone when I say, we felt welcome and well-buzzed.

Chelsea and Rachel

For Rachel’s Marvelous Manhattan recipe, see slide below! Please note, a maraschino cherry will NOT do for this cocktail. You can find these amazing artisan sour cherries at Black Cherry Market in Murray. The cherry is a big part of a Manhattan and I think I might have eaten about 12 of them. So good.

Manhattan Recipe

High West

Because we like to drink local at HBN Cocktail Club, Rachel featured High West Rye. High West is a huge brand and rightfully so. Each of their spirits is memorable and top shelf. Because a Manhattan is made completely of spirits (and bitters), it is important that each of these ingredients are high-quality if you want the best tasting cocktail. There is no covering up a cheap whiskey with some kind of mixer or other flavor. The rye shines through no matter what, so make sure you keeping it classy, friends.

Watch Rachel’s entire power point and get educated on whiskey,
vermouth, bitters, and how to STIR up a proper Manhattan (never shake, friends).



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Our next HBN Cocktail Club will be on February 21, and we will be featuring Salt City Vodka!
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