Cocktail Club | The Charred Mandarin Martini, Featuring Salt City Vodka

Cocktail Club by Heartbeat Nosh

February’s HBN Cocktail Club brought us an amazing evening of delicious Charred Mandarin Martinis made with local Salt City Vodka! Let me just say, that when a butane torch is involved, you can pretty much guess that the cocktail is going to pack a flavor punch. This cocktail was festive, beautiful, strong, and just the thing a this group of ladies needed on a Saturday night!

Salt Lake Vodka was amazing to work with! Talk about some fun, friendly guys working on a great local product. Aaron and Jesse have an amazing partnership and it is obvious that they have had a lot of fun setting out to create a local spirit. Salt City Vodka is super smooth and perfect for mixing in your favorite cocktail. And, if you get to the liquor store before the end of the month, you will find Salt City Vodka at a great sale price! Aaron also was wonderful and dropped of some great Salt City Vodka swag for our ladies, which was awesome. Thank you, Salt City Vodka, for a great partnership on this post. Find Salt City on Facebook HERE and Instagram @SaltCityVodka.




February Cocktail Club Hostess: Hollie

IMG_3164I thank all that is good in the world for sending Hollie to me as a friend. She is one of the most sincere, funny, smart, witty, and honest people I know. We had babies the same year, so I have always looked up to her as a mother and she is my go-to gal for questions. She is fiercely loyal to her friends and family and the best part? She just lives up the street! We pretty much can’t wait for summer cocktail walks around the block. Hollie was an amazing HBN Cocktail Club hostess and she picked a cocktail that had many components. I really think she just wanted to torch things. šŸ˜‰ Thanks for hosting, Hollie! You’re the best.

February Cocktail:
Charred Mandarin Martini, featuring Salt City Vodka

Cockatil found at In Sock Monkey Slippers

Screen shot 2015-02-25 at 10.47.18 AM

c/o In Sock Monkey Slippers

The key ingredient (besides Salt City Vodka) in this martini is the mandarin simple syrup. This adds so much flavor, while also keeping the cocktail light. In fact, this simple syrup would be good to have on hand for a variety of things – especially during the summer months. I could see adding to an array of cocktails or any beverages really. This martini is a strong one, so the mandarin simple syrup brings everything together, while keeping this bevvy easy to drink. Maybe toooo easy to drink? Nah. But let’s just say – two was enough for this girl!









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What a great February #HBNCocktailClub!
Thanks again, to Salt City Vodka, for joining us this month.

We will be meeting again on March 7 – with a guest blogger and photographer!
I will be in Seattle, but Cocktail Club MUST GO ON! So, stay tuned.
Make sure to follow us on Instagram and Twitter with #HBNCocktailClub



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