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Hi fellow friends of Heartbeat Nosh!

Heartbeat Nosh Cocktail Club has had an amazing kick-off year! We have learned a lot about cocktails, shared amazing laughs, and worked with awesome local distilleries. We have really enjoyed a night, once a month, to taste something fun and different. This year of club meetings comes to an end this JUNE – which is crazy because it has gone by so fast. We will be celebrating with a year-end wrap party (details still TBD on that), but I want to take Cocktail Club to the next level for the 2015-2016 year!

This is where you all come in! For this past kick-off year, I wanted to keep things small and easy – so Cocktail Club consisted mostly of my girlfriends who committed to the project and they have been amazing. However, this next year, we are opening it up with a contest!

Do you want to be a member of HBN Cocktail Club and join us each month for a tasty and educational evening? We want to meet some new faces and other artisan cocktail enthusiasts. So, here is the deal.

  • You MUST be a cocktail enthusiast (want to LEARN about spirits, cocktails, and mixology – not just drink them)
  • You must be located in Salt Lake City
  • Willing to pay yearly dues of $25 (this goes to cocktail-making ingredients for the year)
  • You must be willing to potentially HOST a Cocktail Club event (this will depend on if we have open slots after the year-end sign up with this year’s group). Hosting an event includes researching a cocktail you want to make and then teaching the group, step by step, how to create your cocktail
  • We want 3 new members to join our crew (male or female)

Here is how to enter:

  • Mix up your favorite cocktail at home (it can be your own creation, or a favorite old standby) and take a photo
  • Post your photo with the name of the cocktail, hashtag #HBNCocktailClubContest, and email address to the Heartbeat Nosh Facebook page (please don’t forget email address – that is how we will get in touch with you)
  • Include 2 or 3 sentences about WHY you want to be a part of Cocktail Club
  • Cocktail photos MUST be posted on the Heartbeat Nosh FB wall by NOON on June 15, 2015
    **If you don’t have a Facebook page, photos will also be accepted via Instagram with the same criteria — only posting from your own account. Make sure to use the hashtag AND tag @NoshMaven**

Judging Criteria:

Cocktail Club will vote on the photos that are submitted. The three photos with the most votes will be our new HBN Cocktail Club members! Voting will take place at our Cocktail Club year-end party (date TBD) and winners will be announced on the blog (and you will be contacted by email) no later than June 31.

Voting will be based on the following:

1) Creativity – are both the photo and cocktail, in general, presented creatively?
2) Drinkability – do we want to DRINK the cocktail in the photo….like RIGHT NOW!?
3) Content – have you convinced us, in 2-3 sentences, that your love for cocktailing is equal to our own? 😉

What we are NOT looking for:

  • Anyone looking to “party.” 🙂 This group is not about drinking all night. Cocktail Club is about learning how to create new cocktails. While we have a great time doing it, our events usually only last about 2 hours or so and there is no ‘crazy’ happening. If you are interested in simply drinking free booze, this isn’t the club for you!
  • Anyone not looking to be an active contributor! By being a member of Cocktail Club, you commit to showing up to as many events throughout the year as you can, and sharing what you learn with the Salt Lake City community via social media – mostly Instagram. If sharing isn’t your thing, then Cocktail Club will just make you crazy during the times when everyone is on their phone taking photos of their beautiful cocktails.
  • Anyone creepy – yes, it has to be said. ha!

Ultimately, we want Cocktail Club members who are active participants in the SLC food/wine/mixology community, or are interested in becoming more so.

We are excited to meet you!



Cocktail Club Bloody Mary




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