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It’s been a minute since I talked food! We have been really caught up in cocktails around these parts – but now that our HBN Cocktail Club contest has officially wrapped (winners announced soon!), it is time to get back to some tasty dishes out on the town!

Delicious and fresh Peruvian food; Peruvian Cebicheria to be exact.

Have you been to Del Mar al Lago yet? This little hidden gem is not to be missed – especially if you are a seafood lover. Have a flair for ceviche? Then maybe the most important thing for your weekend to-do list, is to get to Del Mar.

Del Mar

Del Mar

Del Mar is known for their unique and fresh ceviche. Not familiar with ceviche? Think mostly raw, fresh, bright, summer, seafood, citrus deliciousness. Ceviche done right is one of my favorite foods, and it can take on many different flavors. Everything from mint and lemon, to spicy pepper. The seafood can be all types: squid, mussels, scallops, crab, shrimp, etc, and it is usually cured in some kind of citrus juice. Sounding delicious and refreshing? It is. Del Mar’s is especially amazing – and it is right here in Salt Lake City.

Del Mar Ceviche

Squid, scallops, shrimp – finished off with gold potatoes and two kinds of corn. This dish was so tasty and ended with a spicy bang.

Also, Del Mar has a couple of great cocktails locked down. If you don’t know, the Pisco Sour (Peruvian pisco (base liquor), Key lime (or lemon) juice, syrup, ice, egg white, and Angostura bitters) is one of Peru’s signature cocktails, and there are many other takes on the “sour” cocktail, which Del Mar also offers up. Of course, I went with the traditional and Russ got a Mojito. Both great….but a bit overpriced. While the cocktail menu had some interesting and creative offerings, the prices were a little shocking. So, maybe a little pregame at home isn’t a bad idea. 😉

Del Mar Cocktails

Another staple Peruvian food is, of course, plantains. And oh my oh my, these ones were some of the best I’ve had. Perfect combination of savory and sweet – with an amazing dipping sauce. These babies melt in your mouth – cooked amazingly well; soft but not mushy. The flavor was outstanding and this dish is great as an appetizer or a dessert. Man, I love plantains done well.

Del Mar Plaintains

For our main course, we ordered the Paella for two. Paella is a great dish, but I have had it several times and not loved it. Sometimes it can be dry with overcooked seafood. In most traditional paellas, there is everything from chicken, to fish, to an array of other seafood items. Since many of these ingredients cook at different times and temperatures, it can be easy to overcook certain things like squid or scallops. It is a tricky balance.

We both really enjoyed this paella.

The flavor was really delicious and most of the seafood was cooked perfect. However, my favorite item was the steak – juicy and tender and a perfectly complement. I haven’t often seen steak in paella, but it was a pleasant surprise and ended up being my favorite element. The rice in Del Mar’s paella was also much smaller and thinner than that of other paellas I have had – which usually use a very thick, heavy rice. While I tend to like the thicker rice a bit better – the thin rice of Del Mar’s paella was a welcome change – not leaving us with a too full or heavy feeling. It is a perfect dish to share, with plenty of leftovers.

Del Mar Paella

If you haven’t been to Del Mar – put it on your list. You are going to spend a little bit of green – but that is what you gotta do for great, fresh seafood. My suggestion, put more $$ towards Del Mar’s great food and skip the pricey cocktails. Go out after for a craft cocktail somewhere else at half the price. 🙂 But whatever you do, don’t miss out on what Del Mar is serving up on a plate!

Del Mar al Lago

310 W Bugatti Dr
South Salt Lake, Utah
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