HBN Cocktail Club Photo Contest WINNERS!


AFTER MUCH DELIBERATION…and I mean MUCH – we have our three new HBN Cocktail Club winners! Each submission was voted on at our last cocktail club gathering on Saturday, and then we had to do a few tie breakers online this week — it was kind of nuts! We had amazing submissions from very creative people and if we could take them all, we would!

I sincerely want to thank everyone who took the time to submit a cocktail and who follows our crazy shenanigans as we learn more about craft cocktailing here in Salt Lake City. If your submission didn’t make it through this time, my call to action is THIS: create your OWN cocktail club! And if you do – let me know and we can all collaborate. Because these meetings/events are usually hosted in people’s homes…too large of a group can get difficult to teach a cocktail to. However – I have future plans for this little club that involves more folks in the community – so stay tuned as I work on that!

And, here are our winners! CONGRATS and we can’t wait to welcome you at our next gathering.


Rebecca Hansen, French 75

“I love cocktails for the same reason I love food – they bring people together. There are few things I love more than catching up with a friend over a drink or two. And, like food, I think the best cocktails are made from simple ingredients. This is my vodka French 75 with grapefruit and basil simple syrup.”

French 75


Elaine Seggerman, Spruce Gimlet

“This is a Spruce Gimlet, made with Ransom gin, lime juice, and spruce tip simple syrup from young spruce tips harvested last summer near Lake Mary. (The flavor is more bright and citrusy than piney!)

One of my favorite things about living in Utah is the incredible hiking here, which sometimes leads opportunities to forage for delicious things (wild rosehip jelly and elderberry syrup are some other trail-harvested delicacies I’ve made.) I would love to join the HBN Cocktail Club to share my love of good food/drink (foraged and otherwise!) and learn from what seems like an amazing group of people about the craft of cocktails.”

Spruce Gimlet


Liz Galloway, Soixante Quinze

“I’ve gone with an aviation theme because I love challenging female stereotypes by flying helicopters, and learning how to mix the perfect cocktail for any occasion. (not in that order) I fit in with renaissance women (and men). “Show me how you drink and I will tell you who you are.”~Emile Peynaud I look forward to taking on the mixology of complicated cocktails.”

Soixante Quinze

We are excited to welcome these new members to HBN Cocktail Club!
Such beautiful beverages and great captions!

I also have a few honorable mentions. These two cocktails came in 4th, as a tie!

Max Dillman: Jolly Green Giant

Jolly Green Giant

Christina Devore: Blackberry Mojito Martini

Blackberry Mojito

Again, a big thanks to everyone who submitted! As HBN Cocktail Club grows, we will be reaching out for new members throughout the year – so if you submitted this time around, you might hear from us at a later date!

HBN Cocktail Club has an overnight retreat coming up, as well as our end of year Soireé at Under Current in July. Our new year starts in August! We hope you will join us as we get creative, learn more about what makes a “good” cocktail, and get out and about in this fun and fancy city of ours.

And don’t worry – our last club meeting where we held HBN Cocktail WARS was amazing. We have several crazy and delicious cocktails we will be featuring from that event, coming up soon. So much tequila!



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