How To Host The Perfect Summer BBQ | From 5 O’Clock Fashionistas

Isn’t it ironic when it rains on the day you are supposed to have a summer BBQ with your girlfriends? That’s how that song goes, right? I’m getting ahead of myself. I’m Jacque. The girl behind 5 O’Clock Fashionistas and I’m here to help you host a summer BBQ.


Well, the first lesson I learned about holding a Summer BBQ is be prepared for anything. Originally this BBQ was going to be hosted outside. With gorgeous photos of Kansas greens. In all honesty I’m pretty lucky there hadn’t been a tornado warning that night. We were in Kansas after all. And, I’m not trying to be the next Dorothy. At least we had umbrellas.


But, let’s get to a more positive note. I definitely recommend picking a theme. I chose pineapples. They are having their moment and I’m going to let that happen until Kanye get’s on the stage and tells them that coconuts deserve the limelight. Ultimately they will come back and win over our hearts again and we won’t even be mad.



Find recipes you love and alter them to your theme. Have an array of snacks but nothing too heavy. You want to be the chips and salsa (and queso) part that everyone loves about going out to eat Mexican food – NOT the entree that comes once you’re full. You know the one. The one you feel obligated to eat and then you just want to go to sleep. That is NOT what you want.


Veggies and fruit are a good start. A fruit dip? An EXCELLENT addition. Some crackers and cheese? That’s good. But let’s kick it up a notch to a baked brie with pineapple jam. Now we are talking.


Win your friends hearts with a few different, easy to make, kabobs and a specialty cocktail for everyone to sip on for the evening. Your guests will be pleasantly full while having a good time.


PRO TIP: If you can also adopt a kitten the same day, your guests will be entertained for hours. And, who doesn’t want that?




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