Summer Sunset Cocktail | Featuring Bruce Cost Ginger Ale

The more I delve into the world of craft cocktails, the more I appreciate high-quality, fresh ingredients. The key to making a delicious cocktail is truly using components that are fresh, all natural, and in season.

Bruce Cost Ginger Ale reached out to me and asked if I would create a cocktail or two using its many different flavors of unfiltered ginger ale. Of course, I was excited to see what kind of creations I could come up with, since Bruce Cost Ginger Ale only uses fresh ginger and pure cane sugar to create their craft sodas.

So, on a particularly lovely summer evening this week, I raided my cocktail cart to come up with something refreshing. I have to say, this one was a winner and a cocktail that I will now be making throughout the rest of our hot summer days.

Passion Lime Sunset

Bruce Cost Cocktail

Passion Lime Sunset

Heartbeat Nosh’s Summer Sunset


Bruce Cost Ginger Ale – Passion Fruit
Gin (brand of your choice – I used Boodles British Gin)
Orange Liquor (I used Grand Gala)
Beehive Bitters Lime Bitters (local to SLC – find them here)
Fresh Squeezed Lime

How to Make:

In a shaker with ice, add 2 parts gin, 1 part orange liquor, the juice of one lime, one dropper of Beehive Bitters Lime bitters. Shake vigorously for longer than you think necessary. Pour into a champagne flute or coupe full of ice, and then top with Bruce Cost Ginger Ale Passion Fruit. Garnish with a lime.

Bruce Cost Gingerale Cocktail

This cocktail is super light, but strong. The passion fruit, ginger, and lime work super well together, but are not overwhelming in any way. What I really like about Bruce Cost Ginger Ale is that it isn’t so potent it takes over. Some craft ginger ales can be just a bit too punchy or spicy. I also really love adding other flavors to a craft ginger ale and the passion fruit was a big hit.


Bruce Cost Ginger Ale Cocktail


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