Cocktail Club End of Year Soireé | Under Current, Salt Lake City

It really couldn’t have gone any better.

Cocktail Club Under Current

Under Current knows how to host a bunch of ladies who really need a night out! The set up was so beautiful, the service was outstanding, and the food and cocktails were decidedly on point. The ambiance was exactly what 18 ladies needed to celebrate a whole year of cocktailing! Amy Edlredge, a beautiful cocktail guru, presented to us on how to create my favorite SLC cocktail – The Siren, Chef Logen Crew sent up food that was to die for, and Amanda Hall brought together all the details and truly saw my vision for the kind of event I wanted.

This talented group made us feel fancy and special and I can’t thank them enough!

Cocktail CLub Under Current

Under Current

Under Current

HBN Cocktail Club has truly been a life saver for me over the past year. Initially, I started it with 12 of my closest girlfriends because after just having a baby, I needed something that would get me out of the house, allow me to be social, and also give me some great content for my blog. I was eager and ready for something different – and after 10 months sparkling water and other booze-free drinks, I couldn’t think of anything better than learning more about craft cocktails. Luckily, these 12 lady friends of mine were totally on board and really took Cocktail Club to greater heights than I could have expected – hosting people at their home, coming up with lovely and creative set ups, researching and teaching cocktails, and then cleaning up after everyone left.

I knew it was a lot to ask, and I am very grateful for
friends who supported my idea enough to make it something special.

Cocktail Club

Over 12 months, we have grown in numbers and more amazing people have joined our club. Each member has brought great conversation and more support for this idea of mine, and as we have grown, interest in Cocktail Club has grown as well. We have worked with every local brand and distillery – which has been so much fun, and I want to thank every local brand we have worked with; Beehive Distilling, Sugar House Distillery, Ogden’s Own Distillery, Salt City Vodka, Vida Tequila, and High West. We have been able to take tours, meet community experts, and really learn to appreciate artisans who are practicing the art of the cocktail – and the art of making spirits with local ingredients.

We have grown to 22 members – which is incredible! And as people continue to want to be a part of HBN Cocktail Club, I encourage you to start your own chapters! I hereby relinquish ‘rights’ to our hashtag! I know there are so many other people out there who want to build this kind of community! And while I want to grow Cocktail Club in both numbers and visibility, asking a member to host more than 22 people in their home is A BIG REQUEST. So, while I am on the hunt for a location that would allow us to grow and make HBN Cocktail Club an even larger, community-wide monthly event – for now, I invite you all to start your own cocktail learning clubs.

Use #HBNCocktailClub and keep me posted on your happenings and let’s work together! And if anyone has ideas on space, or how YOU could work with #HBNCocktailClub to get more Salt Lake City folks involved, I would love to chat with you.

Not in Salt Lake City? SO WHAT! Start your own #HBNCocktailClub and let’s connect!

Cocktail Club by Heartbeat Nosh

For now, I hope you enjoy some photos of our end of year soireé at Under Current Bar. Again, huge thanks to Amanda Hall, Amy Eldredge, and Chef Logen Crew who made this night so fantastic.

Thank you to everyone who has been involved with HBN Cocktail Club over the past year!
You have all made it something truly special!

The beautiful and talented Amy Eldredge showing us how to make The Siren

The beautiful and talented Amy Eldredge showing us how to make The Siren

The Siren

THE CUTEST Amy Eldredge

THE CUTEST Amy Eldredge, photo by Heidi

The Siren, photo by Sheena

The Siren, photo by Sheena

Cocktail Club

photo by Heidi

photo by Heidi

Under Current

Hollie and brother, Chef Logen Crew!

Hollie and brother, Chef Logen Crew!

Cocktail Club

Cocktial CLub

Cocktail Club

Under Current

Chelsea Nelson


Our next HBN Cocktail Club event is the end of the month – with a new cocktail and new members!
Stay tuned for more!


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