Passion Flour Patisserie | Salt Lake City

Last week I was able to sit down and chat with Jessica Davies,
the creative mind and pastry chef behind Passion Flour Patisserie,
which just opened in June of this year.

Jessica of Passion Flour

Passion Four is, indeed, fueled by its namesake – PASSION.

Jessica studied traditional French pastry cooking at The French Pastry School in Chicago, and shortly after her time there decided to live a lifestyle that was vegan and organic. Because of her classic training, however, she became super passionate about bridging the gap between French pastries AND veganism. After moving around, from Chicago to Hawaii, Jessica and her boyfriend decided to lay down roots in her hometown of Salt Lake City, and start a business that would bring these two passions together.

Jessica spent hundreds of hours in the kitchen getting her recipes just right. Cooking vegan, of course, presented some challenges for the execution of a French pastry, but Jessica has come up with pastries that she is proud of and that customers are loving. Not only are her pastries making waves, but Jessica herself is proof that young, female entrepreneurs can kick ass and be successful.

Passion Flour

Passion Flour

All of Passion Flour’s ingredients are 100% GMO-free and 98% organic, as well as being free of artificial dyes and flavorings. You can definitely feel good about the food you are eating when you visit her bakery – regardless of your food/lifestyle choices. Vegans and non-vegans alike will enjoy Passion Flour’s pastries – and you can even sip on a great cup of local coffee; Passion Flour brews local Blue Copper.

Passion Flour also focuses on creating Gluten Free gluten-free options (they have several right now, including macarons and a pine chocolat mousse), and is quickly finding a niche with folks who have other food allergies.

Passion Flour

Passion Flour

If you are visiting Passion Flour for the first time, I recommend you try to chocolate croissant; the almond one is also super popular. The quality of the ingredients really rings true — especially with the chocolate. I also really loved the seasonal macaron, which is lemon strawberry. Great flavor — and I was actually surprised at how much the texture of Jessica’s macarons mirrored a traditional French macaron. However, my favorite pastry that I tried from Passion Flour was the savory Ham & Cheese Croissant – that’s right, all vegan and makes a great lunch.

Passion Flour is also currently showcasing a beautiful creme brulee, which I will definitely be trying on my next stop in.


Passion Flour

If you are passionate about supporting local business, and get excited about new ways of doing things – Passion Flour is a must try!

And if you want to check them out for FREE, make sure to get the details on our Instagram giveaway;
you could win a sleeve of Passion Flour macarons!
More details can be found @HeartbeatNosh & @Passion_Flour_Patisserie!

PS – if you have an event coming up, Passion Flour is gearing up for some serious catering — and Jessica also makes beautiful wedding cakes!

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