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The first, and crazy beautiful cocktail that I am bringing you from the heart of Downtown, Salt Lake City is:

The Antionette

brought to you by Amy Eldredge of Current Fish & Oyster

The Antoinette

to make:

1/2 oz lime juice

3/4 oz grapefruit juice

1/2 oz simple 1:1

3/4 oz St. Germaine

1 1/2 oz Salt City Vodka

2 Drops Rhubarb Bitters (Fees Bros)

Topped with Sparkling wine and garnished with a cherry

Amy Eldredge, Current Fish and Oyster

Amy, of Current Fish & Oyster and Under Current Bar, is one of my favorite cocktail friends. I have bothered her so many times over the past few months about cocktails — and she always takes the time to chat with me. I consistently walk away from our conversations having learned something that I can apply in my craft cocktail making…and she’s just awesome.

When I asked Amy to make one of her favorite cocktails at Current Fish & Oyster, The Antoinette was at the top of her list. It a beautiful cocktail that is deceptively unsweet in the most perfect way. Citrusy, well-rounded, and finishes easy – this light and boozy bevy is perfect for brunch…and it just so happens that you can now find The Antoinette on their brunch cocktail menu.

So, the next time you are trying to pick a place for brunch, don’t just go to Current Fish & Oyster for their amazing food – let this cocktail be your guide. My suggestion? Have two.

Thank you, Amy – for sharing this lovely cocktail with us!

The Antoinette

Current FIsh & Oyster

Current Fish & Oyster Cocktails

Check back with #SLCSidecar next week, where we will feature two lovely cocktails from Bar X.

Have you had a great cocktail around town that you want to see featured?
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