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Creminelli Fine Meats is easily one of my favorite local business/brands. They are always my first choice for everything from salami to artisan deli meats.

Want to know why? Because this (from the Creminelli website):


  • Flavor and texture are our trusted guides when s
    ourcing raw materials
  • We only use all natural and organic ingredients
  • We use heritage meats that are humanely raised without antibiotics
    and with vegetarian feed
  • Whenever possible, we buy local
  • As far as ingredients and processes, we follow the artisan traditions
    of the Creminelli family

sevenhamsblackforestcottoAnd, if you want some great news, Creminelli just launched a new product line, specially with Whole Foods called sevenhams. This ham is antibiotic free and is non-GMO (WIN!). It is also the FIRST of its kind since Cristiano Creminelli is the mastermind behind it.

Anyway, you’ll want to get over to Whole Foods in the next week or two to make sure to try some…and right now you can get $1 off per pound with this fancy coupon (see Cotto Ham).

I decided to pick up some of their Black Forrest Cotto Ham (gently smoked) – which was an amazing choice. I am a huge ham lover for breakfast, and this beautiful ham, sliced thin with perfectly cooked eggs is to die for. I whipped up a pretty simple eggs benedict, and the ham really stood out as – the flavor just shines through, as well as the quality. It was pretty much an epic way to start my morning.

Eggs Benedict Heartbeat Nosh

Also, it is wonderful for sandwiches and just plan ol’ snacking. Since I had purchased the ham on my lunch break, I took a considerable amount back to the office and offered it up as a snack with some lovely cheese during our Thursday drink cart hour. The response from everyone was outstanding. Also, it should be noted that my kiddo, who isn’t a lover of most meat currently –LOVED this ham. Go figure.

Creminelli sevenhams

I appreciate that you just know that when you purchase a Creminelli product, you are supporting local, organic, and non-GMO. Also, tasty tasty.


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