Allgood Provisions

It’s time for a snack, don’t you think?

Allgood Provisions

And, might I suggest some of the most delicious, whole, earth-friendly, and LOCAL snacks out there? I recently familiarized myself with Allgood Provisions, a organic line of snack foods that you can get behind, both because of the flavor of their snacks, and what this brand stands for in our community, and even globally.

Founder Jake Boyd has been on the ground running, knocking on doors, dropping of samples to local retailers, and rallying everyone from his family and friends to strangers, to share his passion for his brand and products. For Jake and Allgood, it is all about good, natural food. They believe that businesses have a responsibility to do their best to create positive social and environmental change — and Allgood supports farmers locally and nationally to provide the highest quality products.


But, let’s talk about the flavor of Allgood Provision’s snacks. Both the High Antioxidant Trail Mix and the Pistachios Roasted with Sea Salt are wonderful. Basic ingredients that allow all the natural flavors to shine through. I am really looking forward to trying some of their dried fruit — like the Organically Grown Cherries, straight from the farm or the Wild Blueberries, sun-dried and sweetened.



But, what I really want to focus on is their (not-yet-released and very KILLER) Oven Stoked Series.


Here’s the thing – I am not one of those folks who runs to the hot/buttered/seasoned nuts cart at the sporting event. I don’t ever find myself really wanting over-sugared, over-flavored, cone-shaped servings of nuts. So, I was a little bit skeptical that I would like seasoned, oven-roasted nuts at home.

Boy, was I wrong. Dead dead wrong.

So wrong.


I was able to try the West African Curry Cashews from the Oven Stoked series.
Here is what needs to be mentioned:

  • It was EASY. Nuts, seasoning, oil — mix, then roast.
  • My entire house smelled better than I can ever remember (this is not an over exaggeration) in the 10 minutes it took to roast the cashews.
  • The flavor of the West African Curry Cashews was surprising, full-bodied, a little spicy, and a little sweet. Dare I say, craveable.
  • Eating freshly roasted cashews, out of the oven, on a fall day WAS THE BEST! I mean, I was really excited about these cashews. And all I could think of was “Man, I wish someone else was home with me right now to taste these right out of the oven.”
  • MAGIC.






The Oven Stoked series also has flavors like Black Truffle Rosemary Almonds and Mexican Chocolate Pecans (using organic coffee from local Cafe Ibis!). If these two flavors are anywhere near as good as the West African Cashews, they are all going to be a staple product in my home.

You can find Allgood Provisions in many of our local stores, including Harmons, Whole Foods, and Liberty Heights Fresh. The Oven Stoked Series will be coming out before Thanksgiving, and you can help support this amazing product by checking out their kickstarter HERE and below.

It is really wonderful to have a local company making big waves — Allgood Provisions is in over 400 stores, nation wide. And it all started with some simple ingredients in Park City, Utah!

Allgood Provisions Kickstarter

If you want to hear more about Jake and Allgood Provision’s journey,
catch them on The Utah Foodie Podcast!

The Utah Foodie

**Allgood Provisions provided samples for this post. 


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