The Blind Cafe | Fall Down the Rabbit Hole, April 1 – 3

Blind Cafe

You might have experienced something like a “dark cafe” or “dining in the dark” in various places at various times over the course of your dining career. (Yes, you have a dining career). But The Blind Cafe is different.

The Blind Cafe is a pop-up dining experience that is completely in the dark. However, this cafe is one built around impact and awareness — enhancing all of your senses, not just the flavors on your plate. It is a mind bending / heart opening experience where the audience indulges in a vegan sensory tasting experience prepared by a local chef, participates in a Q&A with their blind wait staff, and enjoys a concert of original music all in the pitch dark.

“Just to be clear! We are not simulating what it is like to be blind! You will get an insight into blindness by hearing the stories of our awesome legally blind staff and participating in a discussion together but you are NOT going to experience what it’s like to actually be a blind person, that’s just not possible to be in another persons shoes like that. 

The Blind Cafe event you are about to sign up for is NOT a regular dinner in the dark! If you want a regular dinner in the dark, there are some restaurants in California and New York where it is solely about the food and you sit with the table mates you come with and it’s like a regular restaurant but in the dark.”

Blind Cafe Tickets

I am really looking forward to experience the food, but also the music and the speakers. I can see how this could be an emotional and intense evening, and I am all about trying to understand my world from a different perspective. Check out the menu, some of the music, and take a look at the website. Ticket prices are super reasonable (on a sliding scale, even), and this could be a great way to indulge your senses while removing the one that is so vital to many of us! I encourage you to check it out!



Your Ticket Price Includes:

A Delicious Vegetarian Sensory Tasting Dinner (explore your senses!)
*Vegan/Gluten-Free To Be Inclusive of Most Diets
A tall glass of wine ( and other thirst quenching beverages. )
An amazing dark chocolate dessert!
A Unique Question and Answer Discussion in the dark w/ your Blind Waitstaff and 70 other guests!
A Short Set of Live Music performed by ‘Rosh & The Blind Cafe Orchestra + The Constellation Prize
2 Hours in total complete pitch darkness…with your friends & community!
An Experience you will never forget or SEE!

*Additional glasses of wine and wine bottles, will be available at the event by a suggested cash donation.

More Ticket Info:

( A $125.00 Value ~ For A Concert, A Dinner and A Community Awareness Discussion in Complete Darkness )
Our Sustainable cost per person is $85.00
Choose Your Ticket Price ~ Sliding Scale $85 – $195
All tickets prices get you the same experience, except you can support helping others attend this event who otherwise could not afford it.
Please pay at the highest level you can afford

Need discounted tickets? We got you hooked up! 

Blind Cafe


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