Vermouth Education | Under Current, April 9

I am so so so excited about this class. Will I see you there? Say yes.


April 9 – Saturday Afternoon Event Focuses on Vermouth History and Regionality


Vermouth – Aromatized Wine will be the focus of a spirited educational event from 4 until 5:30 p.m. on Saturday, April 9 at Under Current. The evening will focus on the regional aspects and tasting notes of Vermouth varietals paired with charcuterie and cheese, along with two vermouth based cocktails.

Cost to attend is $55. RSVP by calling 801-574-2556 or emailing

A little vermouth preview:

Vermouth is an aromatized wine infused with a myriad of herbs and botanicals. Each formula is vastly different, and regionally based, due to different requirements based on allocated botanicals, particularly wormwood. Vermouth tends to be a misunderstood spirit, varying greatly by the region, usage, and proper storage. Due to the cocktail resurgence, this product has re-gained popularity.

Italian Vermouth will be a focus at the company’s up and coming new restaurant Stanza (I am also SO excited about this! Stanza will be where the old Faustina was located!), as this is a classic Italian staple. Stanza will be featuring a variety of vermouth cocktails, as well as vermouth flights (YAY!)! 

The class will be taught by our good friend (and one of the best bartenders in Salt Lake), Amy Eldredge! She loves what she does and learning from her is always super inspiring.

Amy Eldredge

Amy Eldredge


Be sure to make your reservation soon!
This class will surely sell out.

Saturday, April 9
4:00 – 5:30 p.m.







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