Cocktail Club | Vanilla Ginger Snap, Featuring VIDA Tequila


March Cocktail Club brought us many lovely things! This month, we partnered with VIDA Tequila for some amazing tequila education and a sweet cocktail that is prefect for dessert! Lisa and John Barlow are local to Salt Lake City, but own and operate VIDA Tequila out of Arandas, Mexico. This is amazing for Salt Lake City, because we get to claim this tequila as somewhat “local”. Of course, tequila has to be 100% agave, which means sourced and created in Mexico, but John and Lisa are both very involved in our local community. It was amazing to have Lisa take time out of her schedule to come to Cocktail Club and school us on how their brand is made, what sets it apart, and offer suggestions on how to mix it with an array of cocktails. Of course, we were also able to taste each type of tequila that VIDA makes (Blanco, Anejo, Reposado). #YAY!

Once Lisa was finished and questions were answered, our March hostess, Liz Galloway, create a wonderfully sweet dessert cocktail called the Vanilla Ginger Snap!

Vanilla Ginger Snap | VIDA Tequila


Liz GallowayMarch Hostess: Liz Galloway

Liz Galloway is a mover and shaker here in Salt Lake City. We originally met online (as you do these days) and Heartbeat Nosh sponsored an event with Merco Local, who Liz was working for at the time, (which is where we officially bonded in person). She submitted a photo to our #HBNCocktailClubContest and WON and she has been a wonderful, contributing member of cocktail club ever since. She chose a dessert tequila cocktail, which pairs super well with hearty, heavy food. So we enjoyed beef and broccoli, learned about VIDA Tequila, and sipped on this tasty, candy-like libation.

Thanks for hosting a wonderful Sunday afternoon HBN Cocktail Club, Liz!

March Cocktail: Vanilla Bean Ginger Snap

1.5 ounce Vida Anejo,
.5 oz vanilla bean syrup (purchased from Boozetique)
.5 oz simple syrup (purchased from Boozetique)
1.5 oz vanilla soy milk
pinch of cinnamon/sugar mix

Shake and pour over ice with glass
Rim with crushed amaretto/ginger snap cookies


Liz, Cocktail Club


Crushed Amaretto Cookies

Want to know more about VIDA? 

VIDA is an entire line of ultra-premium, award-winning tequilas and is crafted in Arandas, Mexico, from a single ingredient: 100% pure, highland-grown Tequliana Weber Blue Agave.

Only 60% of the distilled product ever makes it into the bottles through the process of cutting the Heads and Tails. To ensure purity of flavor, the bottles are washed in their respective style of tequila before being filled with the finished product. While the Blanco is bottled after the distillation process, the Reposado is aged in white oak barrels for six months, and the Anejo is aged in French oak barrels for 24 months. VIDA embraces the process and strive to make the most sophisticated product.

VIDA Tequila

Lisa Barlow

Lisa Barlow talks about her brand with passion and incredible expertise. There isn’t one detail that she doesn’t know — down to the scientific process, the in depth flavor profiles, and exactly which cocktail is her favorite with each type of tequila. I am pretty sure that Cocktail Club walked away with a plethora of ideas about what VIDA cocktail they are going to make at home next. And maybe rethink some of your current favorite cocktails: try a Manhattan with the Anejo or a Mojito with the Blanco. VIDA sips so easily, that you can mix it with quite a few different cocktails that call for different spirits — just to change it up! Or, go as classy as possible and sip it on the rocks.


Another great way to enjoy VIDA Tequila in these beautiful Himalayan Sea Salt shot glasses! You can find them at Boozetique and they are AMAZING for tequila drinking. They offer up just the right amount of salt to each sip, and you can use them repeatedly. Not to mention, they are a gorgeous addition to your homebar.

Himalayan Salt Shot Glasses

We won’t be having an April Cocktail Club gathering due to some busy things happening on the horizon (we bought a new house and are moving!). But we will see you back again with #HBNCocktailClub in May – where we will be featuring a new local rum from Distillery 36! #CHEERS#

@HeartbeatNosh | #HBNCocktailClub

#HBNCocktailClub is brought to you by BOOZETIQUE!
In this post, you can find both simple syrups, Himalayan Salt Glasses,
and the beautiful silver glass rimmer — all from Boozetique.



*Big thanks to Lisa Barlow, Amy Brownstein, VIDA, and Boozetique


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