Amari Education | Under Current, May 21

Another amazing class is in the works at Under Current!

Don’t miss this one.

(Italian herbal liquors)

Saturday, May 21

4:00 — 5:30 p.m.


Cost to attend is $55.

RSVP by calling 801-574-2556 or emailing

Amari is having a moment.

With classic cocktails like the Toronto or the Negroni on every menu,
you’ll see Amari-focused libations at all the best cocktail bars! 

And if you didn’t know — Apreol is my current favorite thing.
There is nothing better than an Italian Spritz in the summer!

Aperol Spritz

Guests will begin with the “Toronto” cocktail, made with Fernet Branca, rye and simple syrup with an orange twist. Then they will explore nuances of Amari selections: Santa Maria, Averna, Zucca, Ramazotti, Cynar and Montenegro amari. To close out the event, the “Paper Plane” cocktail, made with lemon, Aperol, Amaro Nonino and bourbon, will be served.


Amaro-which translates to ‘Bitter’ in Italian (plural “Amari”) are typically digestivos, or digestifs, meaning they are drunk after dinner to ‘aid with digestion’ OR drunk before dinner to stimulate appetite. Their alcohol content can range from 16 to 40 percent and they are typically consumed neat, in cocktails or on ice. Amari are made by macerating roots, herbs, flowers, bark, peels, etc. and mixed with sugar or syrup, and are often aged in a cask.

“Amari were originally created as medicinal tonics, and have historically been used as such. Amari are all very different in flavor profiles, and often production,” said Eldredge. “Due to the cocktail resurgence this product has re-gained popularity, yet many people aren’t familiar with the various styles.”

Amari selections are a focus at the Main Course Management’s newest restaurant Stanza Italian Bistro & Wine Bar, as this is a classic Italian staple. Stanza will be featuring a variety of vermouth and amari cocktails and flights. Each month, Under Current’s General Manager Amy Eldredge and Jim Santangelo, the director of beverage for Main Course Management, will lead an educational tasting event.




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