Wine & Kale at Mollie and Ollie’s!

There are a lot of reasons to be happy about some of the things happening downtown on Main Street these days – namely the opening of the new Eccles Theater. And if you are heading that direction for a bite or a drink before or after a theater performance, don’t forget that the new Mollie and Ollie has just what you need!


Mollie and Ollie

Not only is Mollie and Ollie serving up custom ordered healthy food such as overflowing salads, stuffed wraps, and create-your-own pasta dishes — you can also pop in for a glass of wine or a draft pour of brew. And don’t forget the street tofu while you’re there; it’s my favorite dish.

Mollie and Ollie

Hops Rising on Draft

Mollie and Ollie

Street Tofu

The other night a few of my favorite lady food writers and bloggers got together to have dinner and a few bottles of wine – and it was so delightful. The food, as always, was abundant and full of color, super fresh, and flavorful.

Mollie and Ollie does such a good job of bringing together easy dining, welcoming decor, and with the option of wine and beer – you’re meal can be one that’s quick, as well as satisfying.

So, if you need some wine and kale in your future, Mollie and Ollie has you more than covered!

Rosé all day!
(also the Kale smoothing is pretty much to die for)

Mollie and Ollie

Create your own salad

Mollie and Ollie

Savory Lemonlicious Pasta with shrimp and spinach

Mollie and Ollie

Savory Lemonlicious Pasta, Street Tofu, and Kale Smoothie

Mollie and Ollie

The Fruit Bowl – one of my favorite things to order

Mollie and Ollie

Smashed Potatoes

Curried Corn and Build Your Own Salad

Curried Corn and Build Your Own Salad

Mollie & Ollie
159 South Main Street, Salt Lake City
Instagram | @MollieandOllies

And don’t forget – Mollie and Ollie CATERS

We have used Mollie and Ollie catering numerous times at our office,
and it is the new, healthy favorite option! 


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