Press Release: Heartbeat Nosh Rebrands to Focus Solely on Craft Cocktails

screen-shot-2016-12-21-at-10-03-45-amFOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE
DECEMBER 21, 2016
Contact: Chelsea Nelson •


SALT LAKE CITY — For nearly 10 years, Chelsea Nelson, writer and founder of Heartbeat Nosh, has been focused on covering the best food and beverage in Salt Lake City and surrounding areas. Heartbeat Nosh has been a hub for the local market to understand our food community, restaurants, chefs, and new hot spots. In the last two and a half years, however, Heartbeat Nosh has been heavily covering the world of craft cocktails and bartenders. Due to this new focus on cocktails, Chelsea and Heartbeat Nosh will be launching a new brand, site, and social media channels in order to cover the world of cocktails and spirits, exclusively. This change will be taking place no later than January 1, 2017.

Heartbeat Nosh will continue to exist, but all new content will now be published at “Ritual & Craft: A Cocktail Diary” (at and will not incorporate any food coverage, specifically. This new brand is an intentional move away from food, in order to be dedicated to creating content around cocktails, spirits, bartenders, etc. Moving forward, when requesting coverage for local restaurants and establishments, a craft cocktail, spirits, or bartending component must be included or focused on.

Please make sure to update your media list, noting the new cocktail and spirits focus and contact information at .

Chelsea Nelson, founder of Heartbeat Nosh and Ritual & Craft, is excited to be making this rebranding move, as creating content about the craft cocktail and spirits world is her passion and niche. The aspiration of Ritual & Craft is to give restaurants, bars, brands, bartenders, and establishments a platform to let their cocktail programs shine. For new cocktail menus, cocktail programs, brand releases, bartender features, and other cocktail-related content, the hope is that Ritual & Craft will become your outlet for promotion and education.

For more information, contact Chelsea directly at or visit ###screen-shot-2016-12-21-at-10-03-45-am


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