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Welcome to Heartbeat Nosh.

It’s food, cocktails, SLC, love; my heartbeat. 

I’m Chelsea.

Heartbeat Nosh

Chelsea NelsonI am so happy you stopped by! 

Heartbeat Nosh is focused on craft cocktails, local bartenders, distilleries, amazing food, and general goings-on in Salt Lake City. However, I also like to chat about cocktail trends (#SLCSidecar), home bar recipes (#HBNHomebar), and feature national brands that I love. And, one of my favorite places to be each month is HBN Cocktail Club, where we learn new craft cocktail techniques and partner with local brands to become more educated imbibers here in Utah, where liquor laws can sometimes be tricky — although at their core, breed creativity and quality control! (#HBNCocktailClub).

I am not a critic.

I am only an appreciator who enjoys writing about the things in life that I love. 

Sometimes, romantic cocktail thoughts keep me up at night. I am ok with it. 

Salt Lake City has become an amazing place to find outstanding food and craft cocktails. Over the past 7 years, I have been lucky enough to write about the wonderful restaurants, bartenders, chefs, produce, wine, cocktails, beer, and vibe that SLC brings and I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else. We are surrounded by beauty in both our geographical location, as well as the passion and flavors this city unleashes! I am lucky enough to be included in the phenomenal food and cocktail culture here and I hope some of my posts entice you to get out and enjoy it also.

When I am not writing about cocktails and food, I am hanging with my handsome hubby, Russell, and daughter, Clementine. I also work in digital marketing and storytelling for a local nonprofit.

Thanks for visiting and let’s work together

Cheers. XO






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  1. I have been following your blogs for quite sometime and I am so excited that you are finally getting into the food world where you belong!

  2. Hey! I love the feel of your blog! You should check out Real Foods Market in Sugarhouse. There is a cafe inside. All organic non GMO/MSG super awesome people. I love it. They are locally owned and try to use as much local products as possible. Lots to learn about meat and dairy products made in Utahs! Perfect spot for lunch! Check it out!

    • Hey there –

      I would check out some of the newer restaurants in town. Current Fish and Oyster or Provisions might be hiring. I haven’t heard of anything specific, but that might be a good place to start. Also, the Copper restaurants (Copper Onion, Copper Kitchen, Copper Common). 🙂 Good luck!

  3. Chelsea~~~u r an angel–we luved the time you took to write and the beautiful pictures you posted! It was also fun meeting you. Hope you enjoyed yourself last Thursday.
    Hope to see u again soon.
    Neil@mollieand ollie

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